Friday, September 30, 2011

Closing the garden

The last picking of the bell peppers, now to make a huge batch of stuff peppers and get the rest in the dehydrator (36 peppers)
Hubby got the traditional garden tilled and ready for fall, I will add leaves and kitchen scraps until spring to help build up the soil for next year

I pulled the last of the tomatoes to ripen in the kitchen so hubby could get the tomato patch tilled, he might till a new section today if his body will cooperate!! Tilling is hard work when your use to setting at a desk

Tyler's "Cheater Quilt" is sandwiched and pinned ready to move on to the quilting, I also got "Baby Bubba's" quilt sandwiched and pinned yesterday while Karsyn was napping.

Here is a close up of Tyler's quilt, I didn't really want to go with a cheaters quilt but I fell in love with the material. Tyler LOVES elephants but they can't look like "silly" elephants or "baby" elephants, I hope this quilt will meet his criteria!!

This will be a super quick post, we need to get on the road to pick up Karsyn for the day then back for Kara to be dropped off, hubby is looking forward to having the entire day with the little girls (hope he feels the same by nap time) We get to have Kara an extra day this week while her Daddy picks up some overtime, hubby will head out in the morning to steal Tyler from Mom and Dad, he wants to get all the time he can with the grands before heading back north.

I have some last minuet numbers to crunch today before transferring $$ to the savings account. I need to tally up the cost of the hardwood floors we are having installed next week (I hope) along with a few things I need for sewing projects and anything else I can think of that is out of the ordinary budget, once the money is in savings I HATE to have to transfer it back out!!! We for sure meet out goal of saving an entire paycheck for the month of September and a little more to boot but I feel like I might be forgetting something so I need to breath and think!!

I'm excited to have the last 2 quilts for Christmas pinned and ready to quilt I think I might be able to find the time next week to get them both finished!! Then it's on to Christmas cards, I know what I would like to do now I need to get the first one made and figure out a way to streamline the work to create at least 50 of the suckers. I am thinking I will have to dust the cricut off to help out. I may have the time later today to update our budget success but you never know what the day will bring with the little girls around, add hubby to the mix and its a real adventure!!

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  1. Love the sweet quilt!! "Cheater" or not, I'm sure he's going to love it! :) I really need to get going on mine too...I'm getting too close for comfort!