Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Winners are...

Katie B this set of coasters are headed to your house!!
Carla over at you win the second set of coasters!! Yaa you

I forgot about the blog candy from last week! Vacation does that to me sometimes, it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things. Ladies I will get you coasters in the mail today!!

It's crunch time around here for the next few days, hubby will be headed back north soon so we need to get a few more things taken care of before he goes. This morning we will have a rented tiller delivered so he can turn under the garden and tomato patch, maybe even a new bed for tomatoes next year. We didn't get very far on the garage yesterday so we are hoping to do a little work on that monster and cut back the ivy that has taken over the front of the house. I'm thinking the garden alone will take up most of the day. Hubby wants to purchase a large tiller this year (ours is just for little area's) but the one he has his eye on is over the top expensive. When he is home next time he can begin the search for a used one $4,000.00 is way out of line for a tiller!!!
I did spend a few hours in the scrap/sewing room yesterday trying to do some organizing and clean up. I have WAY to many projects lined up!!!! Next week is working on the last of the grands Christmas quilts, they need to be done and added to the pile of Christmas gifts already purchased that have taken over one of the spare bedrooms. The Christmas bedroom also needs some TLC. I have been just throwing gifts in there willy nilly, it's time to organize and take stock of what I have found on sale during the year then begin finalizing our Christmas list. My goal this year is to have the shopping all done before Thanksgiving as well as Christmas cards finished by December 1st so I can get them in the mail early.

Update on our monthly spending will be coming up, I need to get my tail in gear and pick up Karsyn for the day!!!


  1. Yay!! Thank you!! I know exactly where they will go. One in the living room (for my morning coffee) & the other on my night stand (for my evening cup of tea)! :)

  2. Oh thank-you, Debby!! I'm excited to have one of your handmade creations!! :) I need to find a way to keep one just for myself as I KNOW my girls are going to want them!! lol!

    I need to take stock of my Christmas stuff & see what's left to buy as well. Hopefully not too much! I should start on Christmas cards too... And have a huge pile of things to make too... It's so overwhelming sometimes! :/

  3. You are welcome, I sent you an e-mail to get your address this morning so I can get them right to you. If you could see my scrap/sewing room you might pass out with all the fabric that I have sorted into quilt kits and other kits so I will have it all together when time allows for play!! I put together a list last week of projects I want to do then another of things I need to do for gifts, could take a year to get to it all.