Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where did you get that thing?

I received a few e mails wondering where in the heck did we get the curio cabinet? When hubby was in Indonesia several years ago he ordered this jewel (I use the term loosely) and had it shipped home to me. When the crate arrived and the fellas began opening the container I thought my sweetheart had purchased a double glass coffin for us, this is NOT my style. As with many gifts I have received over the past 36 pretty darn good years we have had together I have to keep reminding myself "It's the thought that counts"!!! The chair setting next to the cabinet was my Great Great Grandfathers and was re-caned (not sure how to spell that) by my Grandmother years before she passed away, I love the fact that a part of our heritage is with us in pieces like this

The tomato patch is finished, at least I think it is. Here is the last of the pickins we have had this week that hubby took into the office to share with the less fortunate (too lazy to have a garden but love the stuff) just kidding. I know some people just don't want to fool with a garden or don't have the space.

Yesterday was our Tyler day, we made a point of scheduling a day this week to have each of the grands alone the entire day. Kara was over Sunday, Tyler yesterday, Karsyn today. We crammed a WHOLE LOT of activities in with him in the AM then hung at the house to play and relax in the afternoon. When he returned home he told Daughter #1 he had "The best day ever in my life" Awww

I need to do a budget update soon!!! Maybe later in the day if things will slow down a bit. We have a large planned expense coming up soon that I am excited to get done, it's been on my wish we could do some day list for a really long time!

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  1. I can only imagine the shipping costs on that sucker!! lol! Sounds like you had a great week with your grandkids! They're lucky to have such loving & involved grandparents!! :)