Monday, September 19, 2011

Men are Different

Humm, lots of work but I'm not liking it much
The applique and embroidery is cute but incorporating the kitchen towel just seems odd to me

While Hubby was rebuilding the lawn tractor today saving us a BUNDLE of money, I worked on a towel hanger, wish I could say it was worth all of the work but it's just not my cup of tea, maybe I will feel differently about it tomorrow.

So here is one of the many things that men (at least my man) does different than ladies. AJ the Beagle needed a bath and her nails trimmed, so off to the groomer she went for a few hours. As I am slaving away at the sewing machine I realized the dishwasher was going, odd, I already unloaded it in the AM. So I ask my honey hey why is the dishwasher running, maybe he brought dirty dishes home with him, who knows. "I am washing AJ's collar so it will be fresh when she gets home." WHATTTTTT, you did not put a dog collar in the dishwasher where we wash dishes!!!! Yep he did and thought it was a super good idea, yuck, yuck, yuck. I love our little beagle to death but no way no how does her collar belong in the dishwasher. I have run the stupid dishwasher 3 times since then to make sure it is good and cleaned out, hubby thinks I am over the top, hey it's only a collar whats the big deal. I think it is sooo gross I can't believe he thinks it was a good idea, men are just different.

Daughter #1 and #2 along with both baby girls and myself have been recovering from food poisoning the past 24 hours. So much for taking the family out to eat last night. We were the only ones who had steak and cheese hoggies. The little girls had a really bad night and not to great of a day, Daughter #1 was slow to recover (she is prego) Daughter #2 is all better and I think I may live to see another day. I called the restaurant to let them know what we were experiencing not to be fussy but to keep anyone else from having the same problem. They couldn't have been nicer and were happy I called, even offered to refund the money but I passed. It might be a long time before any of us go out to dinner again!!!

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  1. Oh no!! You poor thing!! I had food poisoning once when I was pregnant with my oldest son & it was brutal! :( I hope you're all feeling better now!

    I love the tea towel!! I think he's the cutest thing!! :)