Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Always Something

Daughter #2 receiving MVP for USSA Softball Nationals
A dozen jackets are now embroidered and the threads are trimed along with each team members number on the back. The team received the jackets for winning the USSA National Championship.

I got up this morning thinking I had the day to work on leftover projects from our girls weekend, maybe a little canning and a nice nap. I was so wrong, Daughter #2 called to see f I could embroiderer jackets her team received for winning the USSA Nationals, sure thing bring them over anytime. Seems Daughter #2 needed them by tonight so they would be ready to give to the team before they leave on Thursday for the ASA Softball Nationals in Panama City, FL Thursday.

OK, time to change gears and get the design ready for jackets she was bringing over after school around 4:00, of course I didn't have the correct stabilizer for the jackets and couldn't find them at our local stores so off to the quilting store an hour away. Did I mention we are still in the after effects of tropical storm Lee as in torrential rains, flooding, tornado's and such?
What a fun drive that was, while at the store I went over the design with one of the super ladies working to make sure I was on the right track(you never know). Hubby called, the tag for his truck has expired, could I check the desk and find the new one then overnight it to the hotel in MI? But of course my dear, anything for you. Back in the pouring down rain to mail the stupid tag, however he is so far out in the sticks they can't guarantee it will arrive overnight, could be a few days but still cost $18.95. Poor hubby may be calling for bail money next if he gets pulled over for an expired tag, hey I did the best I could!

Now we are on a roll, the jackets are coming along nicely but we have had no supper and the kitchen has been taken over by softball apparel. I send Daughter #2 out to pick up carryout,hey we gotta eat. As I was plating up my meal I ask her if they forgot to put the Italian bread in the order, she gives me a sweet but sheepish grin and hands me a slice of bread with a bite out of it. Seems my darling Daughter was so hungry she ate the entire loaf except of course for the one slice she passed on the me with a bite out of it, nice.

Sometimes I feel like they are all still at home remembering just as we tucked them into bed that they forgot to tell me I was the cupcake lady for class in the morning and could I please do the really cute ones all decorated. Well Scarlett tomorrow is another day, maybe I will get back on track and maybe not, such is a life of a Mom no matter how old your kids are I am thinking.

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  1. You can only do what you can do! Sorry but I LOL'ed at your daughter eating all the bread!! I was eating a smoked pork patty the other day and my youngest came over & said... "mmm... I eat the rest, thank-you!" So that was that!!! :P

    We are moms, through & through!! ;)