Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Housewife of Anywhere

Not sure why the color of the walls turned out so funny looking they are really the same shade of light blue/grey that is in the fabric. The important thing is Daughter #1 liked the Roman shade I made for her. I think I would have screamed if it wasn't up to her standard!!!

As much as I would have loved to play today I had to take on the role of a "Real Housewife" At my house it doesn't involve plastic surgery, botox or stiletto heels. Nope it's windex, clorox, comet and lots of elbow grease. I did sit down for a bit this morning to finish a set of window toppers for Daughter #2 friends classroom, my girls need to stop volunteering my time, they keep me busy enough with there own wants, needs and desires!!

I had the little girls for a few hours in the afternoon that broke my concentration so its back at it again tomorrow. If I can stay on task I might have some room to work with the embroidery machine while another batch of tomatoes are working in the canner.

I think after tonight's picking in the tomato patch the season is officially over, we will still get a tomato or two for eating but this should be the last of the canning, it's been a great season but I am sooo over canning it's not funny!! I also need to finish up some small projects setting around before Thursday when I will have the little ones again. Hubby is due home next weekend so I will be moving the sewing machines back to the scrap/sewing room while he is home. I don't expect to have any time for sewing while he is home. I think I am looking forward to having a cleared off kitchen table for a change, what the heck maybe I can even throw a cute table runner on and a vase of flowers from the zinnias that are still hanging on in the garden.

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