Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roll Tide

I forgot to take a photo of Kara in her new Miss Alabama tee shirt I made today but my Sister got an OK one of her at dinner tonight. I also did a polo shirt for Tyler for football season but again no picture, I am getting slack!! We took Kara by Mom's salon this afternoon in her stylish tee shirt and had a ton of requests for them. Until things settle down around the house I can't see getting much more done than things I want to do for family and friends but someday soon I will get an Esty store up and running. I'm thinking the Miss Alabama or whatever university will be first on the list. Tomorrow when I get a good night sleep I will do a real blog update, tonight I am so tired I don't think I can even read a book. Having hubby home is so nice but exhausting!!


  1. Love the shirt! SO very cute!! :) I'm sure your Etsy shop would be a huge hit!!

  2. If I can ever find the time to get some things made up it could be fun