Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sewing sweat shop closed

I think this is the first time in a month I have seen the kitchen table! HA The quilted table runner looks so puny on my table, it's 20x32 however we have a large farm table so regular size runners don't look so hot

My Hubby is on his way home!! Yepeeee. Since I will have him around for a couple of weeks I decided to move the sewing machines back to the scrap/sewing room where they belong. We will now have a table to eat our meals at and no more threads sticking to the bottom of my feet for awhile. I figure I will still get some sewing time in while he is around but certainly not to the extent I have been doing. I have a PILE of hand work and mending setting by my chair to work on at night while I watch him watch TV. This will be the longest stint we will have together in over a year (hope we don't kill each other) I'm looking forward to having someone to share meals with, relax on the deck and make plans for next years garden, what the heck we might even knock out a few to do's around the house but if not who cares!!!

Whatever the monster bug was that took over my body yesterday has let up some so I could finish up some cleaning and organizing around the place. Fresh sheets on the bed and towels in the bathroom are all that's left to do before I hit the sack to prepare for a day of fun with the little girls. Poor Karsyn was here alone today, all morning she would haul butt around corners thinking Kara was hiding from her, she had such a puzzled look on her face when she didn't see her. I love having one on one time with the Grands but Kara and Karsyn are lost without one another.

On a different subject I have been terrible with keeping up the weekly budget for awhile now but I am staying on track weekly, most of the time I have been coming under budget. However I have made some really large purchases (investments) recently on software for the embroidery machine YIKES this stuff is major bucks. We have (3) pay periods in September my goal is to save and entire paycheck. Last pay period I was able to save a nice little bit, this paycheck (tomorrow) I should be able to put back an even bigger chunk, by the last check of the month if all will go well we will make the goal and maybe a little more. As always the key to my savings is to keep my happy butt at home!!!! Unintentionally I have had a fiscal fast this week, not one red cent has been spent and I don't look to do any spending until Sunday when we take the family out to dinner. For some reason every time I plan on a fiscal fast life jumps up and bites me when I'm not looking, maybe going in with no plan works best for me. Hubby and I will be looking over our finances a bit while he is home, we do talk daily and try to keep up with ever thing but it's not the same as being together. He recently received a large bonus from his last project that is tucked away in the bank until we can get together and decide how we want to deal with it, one thing for sure is we always give away 10%. I have in mind where I would like to make some of the donations but I want to get his take on it as well. One of the many GREAT things about living debt free is having the ability to give. Even when we were struggling ourselves in the past we have always been givers, no matter how low you feel like your finances are it's a pretty good bet you are in much better shape than many others!!

I haven't had time to pull anything together for some blog candy but by the first of next week for sure I will come up with something, better figure out how to make a comment by then or you won't get in on the giveaway. If you are too shy to comment feel free to e-mail me to get in.


  1. That's funny about the table runner... We have a BIG dining set as well, 54"x54", so I make my runners x-large! :) That's nice that you'll have hubby around more, I had to LOL about hopefully you don't kill him! I say that too when hubby as lots of time off!! Haha!! I'm excited to see what you do with your new embroidery software!! Is it so you can use different designs, etc? I'm with you on the giving, we live on a tight budget, but I will *always* donate, & help someone out that needs it. It's only fair as I've been abundantly blessed!

  2. The software will let me take photo's digitize them then set them to thread designs. I will be able to scan in say a business card or something then enbroider the logo. It also has over 50 font to use for monagrams or whatever and size them to whatever I need. The key is to fugure it all out, there are 5 classes coming up at my fabric store that are free since I purchased from them, just not sure I can work them all in