Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leftovers Remade

I figured out how to make labels for the back of quilts using my embroidery machine today along with some leftover canvas fabric. For now I adhered them on to the quilt backs with double sided fusible interfacing, I will hand sew them on in the evenings when I set down to relax (pretty rare)
This photo didn't load very nice now did it :( The happy Halloween piece was leftovers from the panels I cut up last weekend to do the table runners

Cutting up leftover fabric from last weekends table runners

Whats up with the uploading on photo's tonight! Here is one of the 2 table runners I have pieced together using leftovers from our girls getaway weekend. Tomorrow it is on to the quilting of the runners

I have used up every little bitty piece of leftover fabric I had, now to figure out what to use for the binding and a little embellishing. I am thinking the blinged out netting might be cute.

Daughter #3 had the day off today so I only had Karsyn, that means when its nap time it really is Nanny time. I can't always get both girls down at the same time but with just one I am home free.
As soon as Karsyn was out cold I headed to the scrap/sewing room to start putting away things from my weekend getaway and a general clean up in the room. (badly needed!) I hadn't gotten far when I ran into the bag of leftovers from the table runners I finished over the weekend. Should I find a place and hang on to the fabric for another project at some point? Na, that's just something else to store in the space I want to keep for new fabric. It was too much fabric to throw out and didn't seem like enough to send to goodwill so I played around a bit thinking I would make a couple of pillows with the leftovers. As I was moving the fabric around trying to decided how to go about a pieced pillow I realized I don't have any pillow forms so I'm not sure what size to make the pillow cover besides the fact I would have to spend money buying a couple of pillows. On to plan B, what if I cut everything up and pieced together another table runner...hummm. I dug around in my fabric stash and came up with some black and purple fabric I could use to help finish it off. I ended up with not 1 but 2 table runners all from leftovers!! Ya me!!
I wanted to dress them up a bit with some bling so I headed back to my room of sin and found a roll of purple glitter tulle leftover from something way back when. Tomorrow when the little girls go home I should be able to finish them both off with $0 spending!!!. Problem solved, no extras to store away and a couple of freebie table runners I can pass on to a buddy or two. The unpacking and organizing in the room didn't happen but tomorrow is another day


  1. That is awesome that you managed to get TWO more runners out of the scraps!! I love them to bits!! My daughter would flip for one... what fabric did you use?? It's so cute!! :) I can't wait to see the last 2 finished!

  2. I used Moda fabrics by Debbie Strain, she has some super cute stuff. I just hate to store specialty fabric, I aways want something new the next season, I did use some fabric from my regulasr stash to make the last two, hoping the little girls both nap at the same time today so I can get them quilted and bound then be done with it!!