Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, HE LOVES ME!!!

Today is our 36th Anniversary!! We celebrated by moving the curio cabinet out of the babies room/old dinning room into the living room. I have done my best to keep the little girls barricaded from the curio cabinet but no matter what I do the stink pots figure out a way to get to it.
I started with unloading all the glassware and washed everything from the curio cabinet UGH!! We unloaded a TV amour (where did all that stuff come from) then moved it out of the living room. The amour is headed to Daughter #2 new apartment in October. The curio cabinet is now in the living room where it should be safe from little hands (I hope) While I was at it I down sized the glassware (who keeps hording this crap) Daughter #2 will have lots of nice wine and cocktail glasses in her new place.
I have been trying to decided what to do for some blog candy when an idea struck me (trying to avoid dish washing) I have a program for the embroidery machine called "He Loves me" you know as in he loves me, he loves me not when you pick petals from a flower. Hum... I could whip up a couple of coasters from the program to use as blog candy in celebration of our Anniversary. Brilliant!!

Here is the first set, they are reversible so I am showing both sides, pretty cute don't you think?

And...the second set using fall fabrics, again reversible. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Here's how you can get in on the blog candy.

First leave a comment on which set you would like to have.

Second share with me how many years you have been married.

That's it, I will have Tyler pick a winner on Friday then get them in the mail to you the first part of next week.

I'm off to share a bowl of homemade ice cream with the best guy in the world


  1. I love the fall coasters!!
    Justin & I have been married for 5 wonderful years!! :)

  2. Hard to beleive it has already been 5 years!!

  3. Congratulations Debby!! You're an inspiration! :) The coasters are wonderful! I don't know that I could share!! lol! I've been married 17 years!! My hubby is SO LUCKY!!! :P ;)

  4. You are so right Carla, your hubby is a very lucky man!!