Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grand Kinda Day

 WooHoo the sun is out. Had to get this quilt on the clothes line before the daily storm. Ha
 I'm looking forward to giving this hand quilting another try.
 UFO's I pulled to work on next week. Wish I could say this is all I have tucked away! Ha
 The grands enjoying a Popsicle before the fun begins
 The toddlers seem to eat as much as they play when they are at our house. They do love watermelon
Mason man is becoming a real boy. He loves to climb on the doll houses to bug the little girls.

After breakfast yesterday morning I had all 3 toddlers for a few hours, oh my! Ha Between the mosquito's and heat we spent most of the time in the house, double, oh my! Ha They really are good little kiddo's but man are they a handful. One of the biggest problems is keeping them feed. Morning snack was watermelon, cheese, banana's, ravioli, Popsicles, and vanilla wafers. Where do they put it all?

After DD#1 picked her two up I was looking forward to joining Kara for a little nap. Well that didn't happen :( What the heck, we loaded up for a trip to Target. We were in need of another baby for the doll houses before the little girls revert to bloodshed over the one we have.

As with each time I take one of the grands out for a special surprise they always want to get the others something. Kara picked out a mini Dora for the playhouse, just as I was pushing the cart away she says "stop Nanny, one for sissy too" aww, of course we got sissy one as well. Off to the checkout counter. "No Nanny, baby Mason too", how could I forget. Then it was on to the Lego's for a mini set for Tyler.

I am wondering if hubby and I are teaching these little guys to have the heart of a giver or the heart of a spender. What do you think? We don't really take then to stores much as we both HATE shopping but sometimes we want to take them out for a special treat, it always turns out the same way. We buy a little something for the one we have with us but always get suckered (not hard to do) in for buying for all.

I LOVE that they always think of each other. When I do any baking with them they have a great time putting together a container to take home and a second container for their cousins, same thing with crafts. They aren't old enough yet to know or understand that we donate their no longer used toys and clothes to others but that day will come in time. I know kiddo's learn by example, they get LOTS of examples of giving in our home and their own but I sometimes wonder if I should say no to buying toys for the ones that are not with us on the special outing.

What do you think?


  1. you have wonderful grands with loving hearts I can't wait until our little Princess is talking and our little Sweet pea is here at the end of the year.

    You are truly blessed.


    1. Thanks Gill your Princess really does look like a doll baby!!

  2. Love your quilt and also hearing about those hand fulls!

    1. Thanks Debbie, excited to try another one someday!

  3. I love that you have fun with those kids-even if it does tire you out! I think it is okay to buy them things sometimes as long as they don't expect it every time they see you. Usually if I take one of them shopping I will tell them that this is a shopping trip JUST FOR THEM...and that kind of solves buying for everyone. It's a hard call sometimes though. Have a great day, Debby. xo Diana

  4. Thanks Diana, The only store I usally take them to is the grocery or farmer down the road for fruit and veggies. We did try one time to tell Tyler the shopping was just for him but his eye's started to water up. Needless to say everybody got a surprise!!!

  5. Debby you are both wonderful grandparents and have truly been blessed with those 4 grands. x