Monday, July 15, 2013

My Visitor Needs to Leave!!

Hand Quilting the Boo Boo quilt has been keeping me sane!!
Three days spent backing up files to the external drive and burning photo's to disks was not on my to do list last week :( Purchasing 120 DVD discs was not in the budget
Old Man Murphy showed up last week and refused to go home. It's 8:00 AM Monday morning, so far nothing has gone wrong or broken so just maybe he has found someplace else to do his dirty work. At least we hope so!!!!
Thank goodness for emergency funds is all I can say. Ours is now broke :(. Time to get back to a super tight budget and build that EF back up in case Mr Murphy decides he likes it here and returns.
Hubby's truck seemed to be driving/riding funny. Before he had to leave for his new project site Saturday we had a check up done, OUCH First shop bill was over $1,000.00, second shop cost $600.00.
My lawn mower blew the engine, back up lawn mower went down. I didn't even try to keep up with what hubby spent getting the back up running again I just know the funds had to be transferred to cover the cost. 
Holy Hannah the desktop PC was hardly running, something major was wrong. After 3 days of backing up files in a panic that I might lose photo's I was finally ready to turn her over to hubby. He had to wipe every system out and start over, what a job. She is back up and running but hubby couldn' figure out how to get the Internet back on her. No e-mail for me until I can figure out what the heck is going on. We could really use a new PC as ours is 9 years old but with all the hits our EF has taken over the 2 month's hubby was able to be home we won't be making any more major purchases (I hope)
Last but not least hubby has arrived safely in TX for his next assignment. That means more $$ out for his travels, housing , food and such. We will be reimbursed by his company for most of the costs but it takes time to get all the paperwork done.
Enough with the whining!! I am loving having the Boo Boo quilt to work on after day's of stress and worry over what will come next. My stitches are improving with each setting but certainly not anything close to the real hand quilters. It's a SLOW process, perfect for these hot rainy days, 16 days of rain and floods at this point! AJ the beagle gives me fits trying to cuddle under it when I sit down each evening. I think she has finally figured out it ain't gonna happen! Ha
So I'm off to check the rain gauge from last night, we were up to 4.5 inches for the week when I went to bed last night. This morning everything is once again wet BUT the weather man says we should have a few days of sunshine!!! Our poor, poor garden, not much has survived all this mud.


  1. Computer problems ... I can relate to that. Why didn't you just buy a USB device or card to download all your files in one quick go? Saves lots of time and money. Copying to discs can be so time consuming and they deteriorate over time. I have just lost some of my photos because I put of backing up my files this month. Long story ... my own fault. Silly me. Sue

    1. You are right Maa, I should have just used the USB's I have on hand but I didn't know how much room I would need. I take a TON of photo's

  2. Hey looks like you are doing just fine with your hand quilting..I like a hoop too and am using one on my sunflower floor frame was made by a friend's daddy for her mother and she handed it down to me, so I love using it in her/their memory. Not sure which is really easier but the hoop is portable so that is a plus...with the floor frame, you cover more surface without having to move the quilt til you are finished with that area.My frame allows me to quilt about 4-6 feet by 1 to 1 1/2 feet..hope this is helpful!!

    1. Thank you Kathy!! I was wondering if I should put a floor quilt frame on my Christmas list. So far the hoop seems to be working, the quilt might be pretty dirty by the time I am done dragging it around! Ha

  3. What a difference in our weather! We've only had a little less than a half inch since the first of June. No garden here at all, flowers shriveled up, danger of fire, so I spend my spare time in the sewing room, working on quilt projects.