Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Using it Up

 I planned on making 4 travel first aid kits for the DD's and I with an extra 2 for the gift drawer/closet. Once those were finished I didn't want to return the scraps to my stash. Really when would I ever really use fabric with nurse hats on it.
 Sew I used it ALL up. Grand total was 8 travel bags along with 3 smaller purse kits. I am really excited about the purse kits, what Mommy or Nanny couldn't use a band aid, bite stick, aspirin or such tucked in their purse?
 Remember the leftover's from the table runner tutorial a few weeks back? Used that up too on a zippy pouch, it too has been added to the gift giving drawer. Nothing wasted
Finally the boo boo quilt hand quilting is complete. I did a combo of hand quilting and straight line quilting. Wonder if that is against the quilting rules to do both on one quilt? Another first is using my scallop edge ruler. What the heck, figured I would throw another learning experience in on this unplanned quilt. Now on to the binding.

Can I just tell you how good it feels to use up all the scraps from these first aid travel kits!! My scraps and stash have gotten out of control, the last thing I need is to keep adding more. Same goes with the boo boo quilt. Had I not gone ahead and put the boo boo pieces together they would now be tucked in my sewing room just taking up space. I need to do this sort of thing more often or else hook some of my friends onto sewing/quilting so I can share my leftovers.

I have really enjoyed sitting in the evening doing hand quilting. It was a nice change of pace from working on hexie blocks that can get a little boring after a few days.

BTW I did pull a winner for the table runner tutorial awhile back but until I can get our e-mail back up and running I will have to hold off on announcing the winner. Can't mail out her package without an address :( Maybe I should spend this evening working on that problem...Yuck I HATE all this electronic stuff.


  1. I know how happy you must feel to have been able to use those scraps up. I have several things that I should do to get rid of some of that pile I have downstairs. Love your little kits! xo Diana

  2. Those travel first aid kits are a great idea! Really good for the gift closet. You make me want to get busy sewing for gifts.