Friday, July 26, 2013

Pattern trick

 Don't you just HATE cutting out pattern pieces from traditional patterns? After you finally find the pieces wrestling the thin paper I don't think anyone other than maybe Martha Stewart could fold it all back up so it fits in the envelope. I gave that crap up years ago.
 Now I cut out every single piece then put them in number order. Ya, its a real pain but in the end it works for me. Once everything is cut and in number order I take the directions for each garment/item then pull the pieces needed to make whatever it is. That item/garment then goes into a zip baggy that I label with the pattern number and the name of the garment/item. The little zip baggies slide right back in the pattern envelope like soft butter. Clear as mud right?
 This pattern took forever as each little garment came in 3 sizes Sm, Med, and Lg. I may never use the med or large patterns but rather than wad that paper up then sit on it so its flat enough to go back in the package I took the time to sort each an every thing.
 Now here is where the pay off comes in. While digging around in the sewing room looking for a lost may never to be found pattern I ran into this white with red stars leftover fabric. Hummm, This might make a cute 4th of July outfit for "Bitty Baby" In a skinny minute I pulled the pattern pieces I needed for a slip/bloomers soon to be a summer patriotic outfit for "Bitty Baby".  Sew fast and easy
 This may or may not be new to you but for one of my friends it was a happy surprise. From 1 yard of fabric I was able to cut out 3 night gowns by opening up the fabric lengthwise. Fold over just enough fabric that you need to cut on the fold.
 After that keep folding the fabric as needed to get more bang for your buck. If I were to go by the pattern diagram for cutting out I could have only gotten 2 gowns instead of 3. See my little helper in the background? Kara played like and angel today with all the scrap fabric. A rare day indeed for this rug rat!
Very, very little waste. Nothing big enough to even move to the scrap pile, Yippee! I have way more than I can ever use in the scrap pile already

I need a focus intervention!!! After cutting out three nightgowns today I ran into the red/white fabric. Do I stay focused on the nighties? Heck NO....I just had to start yet another project while the wheels were turning in my head. Did I cut out one 4th of July set? NO...I didn't stop until I had cut out 4.

What I should have been doing is sweeping the fabric, threads, and fuzzy's from the day. Mopping whatever Kara and AJ the beagle slopped on the floor, and finish mowing the back yard.  Oh what the heck, it's Friday night. A girls gotta party every now and then don't you think?.

I will pay dearly tomorrow for my unfocused ways. Everything I didn't do tonight will have to be completed before the Tasmanian devil (Kara) arrives in the morning.

 One of the 4th outfits is complete. I must say, I love it to pieces.  The cost, a big fat ZERO and one more piece of fabric has been removed from my stash. Oh ya, and when I complete the gowns thats even more stash unloaded. Repeat after me, I WILL NOT start anything new until I get everything piled up finished!!


  1. Great job, Debby. You cut out exactly the way I do, too, with your fabric. I often cut out all the pieces of the sizes I need and put them in the bag. I then iron the other ones completely flat so they fit back in the pattern envelop nicely. I have never put them in baggies before though- GREAT idea. I am your newest copy cat!!! xo Diana

  2. Brilliant job Debby. I dont do a lot of sewing from patterns these days I'm afraid.I just dont seem to have the time. I used to use patterns years ago to make some of my own clothes, I wonder what happened to them?
    I am loving the cute little nighties, gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Anne, It's a great way to try and use up some of this leftover fabric! Sewing is no longer the ceap way to go for sure if you have to buy everything

  3. Oh the days of making dolls clothes, long gone I am afraid. My granddaughter may want dolls in a few years, I can only hope. I used to tape my pattern pieces to long sheets of paper, cut and mark up with pattern number etc. I had torn my way through too many flimsy patterns.

    1. I like the new patterns better and the new tricks of sewing. The old ways just take to darn much time!!

  4. Great tips!!! You are a smart and busy lady.

  5. Thanks Debbie, always looking for a way to save a buck or two