Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We have SUN!!

 Finally we had a day with the sun yesterday, that is after the rain cleared out in the morning. On my way to do errands yesterday I drove past this tree that had fallen across our road. All of this rain is causing old trees to come down with the least amount of wind. Some of the neighbors got together to cut up enough of the tree to at least clear the road. We have the tree guy out at least every 2 years to check on our lot as we have lots of big old tree's just in case one has gone bad on us. I have fears of something like this happening someday. This tree however had no problems other than all the darn rain we have had
 I cut out travel first aid bags yesterday to make for our girls. Here is one of my pet peeves. Shops that don't cut fabric straight!!! GRRR
See that red spot where I was hand quilting yesterday? I can now say this boo boo quilt has blood and sweat into it, no tears yet!

I really should be out in the garden this morning since the sun is finally shining but the mosquito's are so darn bad I was covered when I just went out to look at the mess it is in. Maybe an additional few days of sun will help dry things out enough to attempt the weeding. There is not much left of the garden after 17 days of rain :( I think some peach picking is in order. Our peach tree is loaded this year but the fruit is super small, not big enough for canning but plenty big for snacking. The darn squirrels are parked in both trees. If I want any at all I will have jump on that project.

On the list for today is working on travel first aid kits, some hand quilting, and visiting with the grands this afternoon. A run to the grocery after it cools off this evening is a must. AJ the beagle is low on her fancy food, milk, eggs, and Popsicle's for the rest of us

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