Sunday, July 21, 2013

UFO and Diapers

 One more project completed!!
 With pockets on each side of the lining.
 What a pain in the rump making a diaper pattern for the soon to arrive Bitty Baby
 Played around with some decorative stitches. This one is OK
 But I like this one better
 Can't forget baby boys
 Not sure I am crazy about this one
Nice stack of diapers all for FREE!!

WooHoo a day off!! DD#1 and #2 are both out of town this weekend as well as hubby so I skipped Sunday dinner today. The bad part of skipping our family dinner is I will have no leftovers for this week, I hate cooking for myself :(

Sew what to do with a full day to myself? A little of should do's, a want to do, along with a field trip to the big box fabric store. How could I pass up a trip to the fabric store since patterns were on sale for $1.99 regular price $14.95. I found two super sweet patterns for the little girls Bitty Babies both are archive patterns LOVE that.

The must do's was of course a bit of housework then on to another UFO to knock out. I had made one of these purses..... who knows when and cut out a second bag with the leftovers but never got around to making the second bag that is until TODAY!!! Nice to get a little more out of this weeks UFO basket.

Then it was on to some playtime. The little girls like to put diapers on their dolls, Elmo, stuffed animals and such. You can bet I collect all those diapers to use on the real bottoms around this place. Who cares if I have to use duct tape to keep them on, that's what cute panties are for right? I checked the AM girl shop for the price on diapers but could only find them in a gift set. Knowing I could surely make some on my own I got busy playing around making a pattern and using scraps. I think I finally have it right with the ones I made up. I will wait until the new doll arrives before adding the Velcro on the sides to make sure I get a good fit. Nothing makes a new mommy madder than for babies diaper to fall off.

If and when I ever get the desktop PC running again I will scan the pattern in to share with whoever would like it. I might have done a little overkill on construting the diapers as I didn't think the white flannel I had in my stash was heavy enough. SEW I lined them all, top stitched after turning, then finished the edge off with some decorative stitching. These should hold up for years of play. I got 8 diapers out of what I think was 1 yard of flannel I had in my stash. Could have doubled the amount if I had not lined them but still a pretty good amount with not a whole lot of work. Best of all NO SPENDING!!

Let me tell you I had a hard time walking out of the fabric store with just the two patterns today. The wheels were turning on what I could buy to make some of the clothes from the patterns but I sucked it up and left spending less than $5.00. I know I have lots of stuff in my stash that needs to be used up that will work just fine. I will admit right here right now I am a fabricoholic.

Anyone else working on UFO's or Christmas gifts? Let the rest of us know so we can check out your creations. Off to tweek a pattern I am trying to make up for bitty bibs.


  1. I really love your work, and I know it seems I tell you that all the time but I can't help it, everytime I come visit you've made something beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Sandra, as soon as I can get my e-mail back up I plan on ordering some of your sweet dishrags, they are so cute!

  2. Cute diapers! Didn't know you were expecting a new bitty baby.... my newest grandson due any minute!

    I have been uninspired to get in the sewing room lately, but am making quilted totebags for Christmas gifts this year. Several UFOs in there too!

    1. Our bitty baby is a store bought doll! Ha No new grands on the way as far as I know yet. Congrats on the new addition headed your way. I know you must be excited!

  3. Debby, more info about AGs and bitty babies. If you need to refurbish the dolls that have been stored since your own daughters enjoyed them, here is the site with all the reliable info you will need.

    And here are photos and measurements to show you just how the AG body has changed over the years

    And there are free downloadable patterns for AGs and other dolls (nothing for bitties) here and they also sell patterns for both trendy and historical clothing.

    I love that you have already have fun creating diapers for the bitties. I made several for my granddaughter to use on her lambie when her baby brother was born.

    OK, sewing break is over. I need 100 pairs of undies before my first show on Labor Day weekend and I am over halfway to my goal!

    Happy Sewing! Linda

  4. Oh my pat yourself on the back for walking out with only the 2 patterns !