Friday, July 26, 2013

Keeping up

 In order to get lunch on the table I turned on the TV for the grands yesterday a rare treat at our house. Karsyn and AJ the beagle danced to every song that came on but at least they were all in one place
 Even Tyler sorta set for a show
 a new favorite thing to do is dog piling on each other. Karsyn is very into playing dress up these days, I can assure you her mommy would never put purple and orange toghther! Ha
 after the little girls left Ty and I got in the garden to see if we could find anything worth having. He and his family will be eating fresh corn, a family favorite
 We were able to find a few more things in all the weeds
DD#3 brought a bag of surprise Preemie clothes her GF passed on to us for our baby dolls. With very little or any work at all I think they will work just fine.

Every joint in my body is aching this morning after keeping up with 3 of the grands yesterday!! Tyler has been wanting a day to himself at our house all summer but between his schedule and mine it never seems to work out. He was fine with the fact it would be Kara and himself for the day, that is until little sister Karsyn refused to go home with Mommy. The little girls finally cleared out around 4:00 so Tyler and I could have some us time.

I was hoping he would want to cuddle on the couch for a good movie, no such luck :( But at least I don't have to watch his every move!! How about some dinner out, maybe a favorite restaurant of yours? Nope he wanted to stay at home. We dined on eggs, bacon, and biscuits it's to darn hot with the air conditioner unit out to do much more than a quick meal this week. For desert we made home made ice cream so he was able to do at least some cooking with me. I had a time of it getting him to finally agree to go home at 8:00 PM, ugh!!

I hope today will be a recovery day since Kara will be the only one around. Breakfast out followed by some time at the park then we will finish the morning with a trip to the grocery store to restock yogurt and milk. Man our grands can pack in the food when I have them all!!

After I got the house cleared of the sweet things it was time to mow until dark. Let me tell you mowing with a 1968 tractor was an adventure I would just as soon done without. The gas peddle is not on the floor like the models of modern time, instead its a handle on the left dash board. I just know the neighbors must have gotten a kick out of watching me trying to hold on when I hit the wrong gear. Why is it everything seem to break down the minute hubby leaves town?

I'm feeling like it's Hexie time again in the evenings as I am missing having any handwork to do after a long day of kiddo time. Do you enjoy having something quite to work on in the evenings? I love to read a book before bed but these days I can't seem to read more than 2 pages before my eyes start crossing

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