Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Girl

Our Wild child Kara is 3 today. Three years ago we didn't think she would make it into this world but God heard all of our prayers and blessed us with a rascal! Kara and Papaw spent most of Sunday putting together the doll house we got her before heading over to her Birthday pool party.
We were not sure if she would have anything to do with her new doll house as Kara is an outside kinda gal! Ha As always kids prove us wrong, she just played and played the afternoon away.
No matter where we go she seems to be able to find a ball. Looks like she is going to take after her Aunt Amber who at 31 still can't put the ball and glove down.
Lots of swimming and splashing the evening away
 Both little girls were happy to open Kara's gifts. So funny to watch these two as they are growing up, hope that they will forever be best buddies. Kara didn't mind at all that Karsyn opened as many gifts as she did herself. She would just yell over "what you got Sissy?"
My first attempt at hand quilting. What a time I had getting the hang of it!!! My hands kept falling back into a hand embroidery position. Finally after watching the video at the end of this post I relaxed and just had fun.
Yesterday I spent most of the day just sitting hand quilting the borders of the Boo Boo quilt as I couldn't do much else. This Nanny took a super bad fall at the pool on Sunday trying to catch Kara's head before it hit the concrete.
I am having a time of it getting posts done these days, life seems to be moving at warp speed!! Today is another action filled day helping DD#1 clean out her home office, catching up on more cleaning around our place, cooking and all that jazz. Thanks for hanging with me as life keeps my world upside down!!
We were so lucky Sunday that the BIG storms stayed away until after Kara's pool party was over. The flooding in our area continues to get worse each day, there is hope that the weather pattern will change this week. Our garden might be a lost cause this year but we are so lucky that our home hasn't flooded, to heck with the veggies.
One of the many things that these flooding rains has brought is standing water in places it should never stand. Here's an example. One of the walkways between the pools had standing water Sunday, I am talking a big old puddle. Unknown to us that puddle had been setting there for a long time, algae had grown on the bottom making it slick as ice. I just happened to be standing close by when Kara went running through the puddle when her feet slipped out from under her and she was headed head first onto the concrete. My Nanny super powers kicked in, as I ran to catch her sweet little noggin before she landed I too hit the slime and down I went....Hard and I do mean HARD. Thankfully the Lord put my body right next to hers so she landed on me. SIL#2 jumped from the pool to help us both, he too landed in the pile, then came hubby. By that time I had my whits about me and screamed stop as more people where coming to help us. What a MESS. We all three had to crawl out of the puddle as we couldn't stand up on that slime. Needless to say nobody should fall on concrete, for ladies my age the recovery could take days. There is not one single body part that doesn't hurt when I move but lucky for me nothing is broken.
Today I get to boss DD#1 around as we clean out her office, I can't do much in the way of moving my body around, this could be and interesting day for sure!! Ha
Check out this video on hand quilting. I have watched tons of how to's on line, this is the only one that made it click in my pea brain head!
She also has a blog you might enjoy here


  1. Oooh Debby, Hope you feel better soon! Glad you saved that precious noggin' though! Angela

  2. I hope you recover from your fall! Always a time when you wish you could go back a minute or two in life and prevent something like this! Happy birthday Kara...it is my b'day too...and my younger neighbors' (a couple decades younger then me). Sometimes kids surprise you...those who are artsy turn out to do sports...and vice versa! That doll house is good for a rainy day after swimming!

  3. YIKES ! I am happy to hear you never broke anything (I hope).