Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick Post

 Hope every one had a great 4th of July!! One of the new dishes I tried for our cookout with the family was this Black-Eye pea salad. Our girls and I are always on the lookout for veggie dishes, this one will be a keeper
 The grands all had cute red, white, and blue clothing on to show their patriotic spirit but it was hard to get then to stand still as always
 Miss Karsyn loves her a crown! Ha
Papaw and Tyler's shirts still fit from last year!! That never happens as they are both growing boys

Where did the week go? Oh ya, company, a holiday and our PC has been giving us FITS.

Hubby and our BIL spent the evening last night working on our desktop trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. BIL retired from the IT business a few years back, he can fix ANYTHING PC related but still we have a gremlin in our system that even he can't find. Next week I will have to take the time to sit down and save every single thing to our external drive then just to be safe burn CD's as a back up, grrrrr.

Hubby's Sister and BIL joined us Wednesday for a long weekend with the family and to celebrate the 4th. Here is something I have learned from this retired couple. THEY NEVER run out of energy!! Ha We decided to do some touristy stuff with then for the past two days. They ended each day just as perky as they started, hubby and I were dragging butt.

Yesterday was the NASCAR Hall of fame. This is a must do if you are a NASCAR fan. We enjoy racing to a point and certainly enjoy living in the race capital of the world, but....I was ready to go after a couple of hours. A family could spend the entire day in that place seeing the sites and interacting on all the simulators. Pretty cool. The cost was $20.00 @ for admission, seemed a little steep to Hubby and I but then again we see drivers, cars, race shops, and all that jazz for free any day of the week.

The hands down by far favorite outing for us all was the trip to the Billy Graham Library. Every detail on the grounds left you inspired, the sights, sounds, and memories of this wonderful man and his family was a great reminder of how lucky we all are to have a God that loves us so. Hubby and I will for sure be making many, many more trips back. Hubby and our BIL each received a free devotional book as being Veterans of our military, can't wait to have the time to dig in for a daily dose of inspiration!!

Off to the shower then enjoy our last few hours with family before they are on to anther retirement adventure in Savannah, Ga, great place to spend a good long time!! Hubby and I also have to work a trip to Toy's R Us in as Kara's 3rd Birthday party has been moved to tomorrow. How in the world can this little firecracker be 3 already!!!


  1. Talk about me being busy ! you go girl ...xx

  2. Your family sounds a lot like my own- busy,busy,busy. Those kids are all so darned cute! Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana