Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just Karsyn

 My plan for yesterday's UFO was to work on a Teen quilt I had cut out way back when. Last September I think it was when we were on our yearly Harley trip. Figured if I started on Monday I could complete it by the end of the week.
 After giving the house a lick and a promise I was set up and ready to rock. Then the phone rang.
Karsyn "Nanny I need you"
Me "Aw karsi what's wrong"
Karsyn "Nanny I need you get me"
Me "OK, get Mommy on the phone"
Karsyn "Not Mommy!!! Just you"
I finally convinced her I had to talk to Mommy if she wanted me to come get her, so a play date for Karsyn was quickly arranged. Karsyn told me she needed to sew. OK, I got this a new quilt setting at the table. Nope that's not what she wanted. She needed a blanket for her doll house. NEVER let a two year old lose in the sewing room to pick out fabric! Ha She had a dozen different fabrics in her sweet arms before I could catch my breath.
 This tiny little blanket took over an hour!! Ha  My assistant slows me down a WHOLE lot.
 She played and played with that tiny little blanket.
Me "Karsyn what blanket do you want me to make next?"
Karsyn "Nanny you too slow, this is fine"
Works for me, I went ahead and made a doll night gown for the new to arrive Christmas gift. Mind you I had let Karsyn pick out the fabric
Me "Karsyn do you like this nite nite PJ's?"
Karsyn "They no fit me"
Me "I know, I made it for your babies"
Karsyn "Babies no like it, they like pink"
Me "Nice"
While playing at the kitchen counter Karsyn got into the drawer I keep straws and lids for our summer drink cups. "Look Nanny, I made a flower" Of course we had to pull out the "Just right" vase to put all the DYI flowers in then send a photo to Mommy and Daddy on "FACEBOOK" These kids know too much!

Nothing better than having a sweet toddler voice on the other end of the phone wanting to "Play with me" What's a Nanny to do but drop all plans and jump on the chance of some one on one time. The grands seem to come in a pack most days, which is fun but it's hard to get all the LOVIN passed around fast enough.

After Mommy dropped karsi off she ran back to the door and "Rocked it" (locked) so Mommy can't come back then marched into the playroom. What the heck, she was digging in the changing table drawer looking for "sumping" "Ta Da I find it" She told me she was staying with me forever and needed her nite, nite PJ's. Aww. We had a full day of girl time, mani/pedi's, playing house, sewing, dancing, all the normal stuff.

Mommy, Daddy, and the boys picked her up at 7:00 to return home. We sorta expected a hissy fit but since she hadn't had a nap all day I think the poor thing didn't have any fight left in her. She told me as she left "You just my Nanny, right not nobody else, right" Yep I'm all yours Karsi.

Oh the blessings hubby and I have had, there are so many but these little guys and gals.......Truly they are more than we deserve.

On to working on the teen quilt today and waiting for an air conditioner repair man :( Our downstairs unit has gone out. Please, oh please don't be broken too bad. I just bought an overpriced doll set!!


  1. Hi Debby, your days sound a lot like mine. Lots of fun and love but not much marked off the to-do list. They will all be in school all day before we know it though.

    1. You are so right Rhonda, seems like we never get to see Tyler now that he will be in 1st grade. Don't want to miss a second of it!!

  2. Debby-That brought tears to my eyes..it seems just weeks ago that SweetCheeks was that little- I really miss those sweet little conversations. Enjoy EVERY moment of it. xo Diana

  3. Thanks Diana, they grow up so darn fast!! To heck with the To Do lists

  4. It can not get too much better then that Debby. xx

  5. Amen Cindy!! I know you are having a blast with all your boys as well!!