Friday, July 19, 2013

Ta Da

 The Boo Boo quilt is complete!!  I will get some better photo's of it on the clothes line tomorrow but I couldn't resist taking a few last night after I finished it.
 I am lovin this sweet scallop edge. It wasn't as hard as I feared it would be, but cutting the binding on the bias sure uses up more fabric than normal.
 4 and 3/4 more inches of rain this week with more to come over the weekend. Needless to say the garden still can't be weeded :(
I did however bring in some peaches before the durn squirrels got them all. These are too small to can but the perfect size for snacking.

How can it be Friday already??  This week has flown by. Yesterday was a day of finishing up projects, and using up as much as I could, along with some badly needed house work. It feels sew good to have a few UFO's knocked out from the sewing room and a little less fabric in my stash!!

I will have Kara until Monday. I am thinking maybe she and I can get some baking done, in addition to a few "To Go" meals made up for the freezer. With hubby out of town once again I hate taking the time to cook for one. Freezer meals are the only way to go, fast, easy, and cheap.

Before I meet up with all the DD's and grands for breakfast out this morning I want to dig around in the sewing/scrap room for next weeks projects. I have to start Tyler's BD quilt next week, hope to finish it as well. Maybe pull out an additional UFO or two. I would be sew nice to clean out a few more of those.

It feels odd to have extra time on my hands this summer, I forgot how much time a large garden sucks out of my day. The garden is in such BAD shape I don't expect to have much canning to do this year other than tomato's and hopefully pickles. I need to check on our canned peaches to see if I should can a few more of those. Not being able to weed in the mornings and evenings due to all this rain was making me crazy for awhile but I am at the point where I just gave up. I have been kicking around the idea of starting over with a fall garden. Now I understand why my Grandmother use to "put up" more than we could use each year. You never know if the next years garden will be a BUST!!


  1. LOVE that quilt, Debby!! It's soo feminine & pretty!!! :) I received a pkg from you the other day, thanks SOOO much!! :) You're always soo kind to me!! xo Thank-you and enjoy that free time!!!

  2. Debby your quilt is gorgeous.

  3. Debby, that quilt is stunning! I love the scalloped edge!

  4. I just found your blog! That quilt is GORGEOUS! I'm going to read up on your older posts to see how it all came to life. Have a great week!