Saturday, June 28, 2014

So Many Happy Things

 One of the many happy things on my list is spending time with Tater Tot. Time just flies by, he is a month old already!! Slow down little buddy we can't keep up :)
 Another happy thing was remembering the 4th of July is a week away, EEEEK The little girls need new shirts!! Happy, happy, happy that I worked up the 4th appliques while on our girls cabin vacation back in March. In a skinny minute I had their shirts and bracelets I found at the dollar store awhile back ready for the holiday.
 Happy that Rhonda inspired me to clean out the fridge and freezers. Thanks Rhonda :)
 Over the MOON happy with this cute fabric that LINDA shared with me from her stash to make more pillowcases for ConKerr charity!!
 The Happy from her box didn't end there!!! Check out these quick sew tops she was sew sweet to share :) I can't wait to have the time to stitch these up :)
See how cute the front and back are on these tops!! There are FIVE tucked in her box. Thank you, Thank you!!

Just a happy, happy day all around today. A few more should have been done a long time ago projects are complete. I even put my feet up in the afternoon to take some time off to read my "The One Year Bible for Women" book during the day (I will share more on this book later). I have been so down for so long with all that has happened the past few month's that a Happy, Happy day was just what I needed.

I have given up on a To Do list for awhile. Just flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best :) I really don't need a To Do list to remind me of what needs to be done. One look around our home and something is always screaming "Do Me, Do Me" :)

Today is my meals on wheels day for Elijah and his family. It will be a happy sad day in the kitchen. Happy and blessed that we have enough to share with this sweet sweet family. So sad that Elijah is in this nasty fight. There will be lots of tears going into this meal :( It still feels like a dream that Elijah has can this be? Elijah and his family needs prays, they need laughter, they need normal. It's hard to be normal when we are around any of them. We all just want to fall to our knees and cry out why, oh why do little children have to suffer. OK, here come the tears, it's time to get this show on the road.

If you would like to join in as Prayer Warrior for Elijah just click on his name :)

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  1. I tried to tuck some spare time into the box I sent you, but I could not SEAM to find any! I am glad you are pleased with the fabric and I hope you will share photos of what you make because I know you will add your very special touch and the love you put into everything you make always shows. Use the little tops for your own sweetie pies or for donations. If you feel that the flannel would not be good for pillowcases, use those 2 pieces as you see fit. Best regards, Linda