Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lost and Found

 I am having a little staycation this weekend. The big and little kiddo's all have their weekend planned, hubby is still in TX, GF's are all on vacation. That leaves me to have a plan of my own all on my own :) NICE I have have lots of those cute mini charm packs stuffed in a drawer in the sewing room humm.... I spent last night looking over some magazines to see if I could find a pattern to use some up. Bingo!! This is the Spring issue of Quilting Quickly it has a cute, easy, fast table runner using one mini charm pack.
 I Love, love, love the reproduction 30's fabric, it just so happened I had a few packages of "30's Playtime" by Chloe's Closet, Moda of course :) A little white yardage from my stash, along with some scrap batting, and more leftover fabric for the backing I was good to go. See that leftover batting I cut away? It's now in the trash!!! I have got to stop hanging on to every little bit of batting. I have a mountain of little bits and pieces of batting. Sing with me Let it go, Let it go!!!
 As I was digging around looking for some backing I remembered I had a small pile of retro fabric along with some quilt blocks. Humm, Wonder where an organized OCD person like me would have stored that. More on that later. I went with this cute leftover piece. Lots of straight line quilting just as the pattern suggested.
 As much as I liked the looks of all this straight line quilting it seemed to me this cute retro fabric needed something else.
 I have had a spool of white Cotton Perle in my hand quilting supplies for quite awhile thinking someday maybe I would have a need for it :)  What the heck I will give it a try on the cute little blocks.
 I like it!! A little homespun mixed in with modern quilting. Hope the quilting police don't arrest me :) Only 39 more blocks to go!!
 Now for the lost and found. While sitting hand quilting in the nice air conditioned house this afternoon I couldn't get out of my brain where the heck I packed away all that retro fabric and blocks I had worked on so long ago. Back to the sewing room. I have a huge pile of ongoing quilt/sewing projects stored away, sure enough I found just what I was looking for. A pile of ten 16 patch blocks were done and trimmed, and additional 20 blocks were pieced waiting to be trimmed, a few strip sets were already sewn :)
Wanta guess what my next sewing project is? I didn't have a pattern to work with (still don't) when I started working on these 16 patch blocks. I had no idea what I was going to do with them (still don't)  I just knew I wanted to make them. I also know I want this quilt to be MINE!! Not sure all this old fashion fabric would even appeal to anyone else so....Me, me, me, shall Love thee. I sorta have an idea in mind on what to do with these little 6 inch blocks, if I can work out the math it just might be pretty darn cute. Maybe some more hand quilting? Maybe backing the old fashion way with just solid colored fabric? Sew many possibilities, and another full day all to myself to figure it out.

I can think of no better way to spend a day with temps close to 100 than enjoying all this cold air from our fancy air conditioners. I was thinking back that this time last year I was sweltering in this house with no AC. July 10th to be exact the old girls blew their last blast of cold air after 25 wonderful years. Being the ever frugal girl that I am I held out until September the 12th when the units had a $2,000.00 rebate. I don't feel one bit guilty setting in this house enjoying what hubby worked so hard for, I saved and saved for, and then used that rebate to do even more home improvements. Might even turn that dial down even more so I can snuggle under what I hope will be a sweet new quilt just for me :)


  1. I love the fabric you're using for your quilt, it its going to be gorgeous :)

    And yes, gotta love the AC. I try not to use it too much though so it doesn't run up our electric bill, but with temps here above 100, just can't help it lol

  2. Ah, I am so jealous of your free time! Looks like you've made some great progress all by your lonesome! :)!