Friday, October 3, 2014

What Would You Do?

 I have Tater Tot today as well as Kara, during a lull in the action I did a quick search of Quarantine preparedness, check it out here. I haven't had time to look this site over!!! However with a quick look the suggestions they give seems like good advice :) As with many disasters that have hit our country over the past few years our government seems to fumble the ball more often than not :( I would never want to depend on State or Federal agencies to protect our family!!
 The last frontier in the kitchen to inventory, check the dates, and restocking is now complete. I am happy to say there was NO food waste in the spice/baking supplies!! I now have my list of list ready to work on as items go on sale/coupons as nothing is a must have yet. Toiletries, paper products, and meds are next.
All that will have to wait until nap time as I wouldn't want to miss a second with Tater Tot :) This little fella is all smiles and laughs all day all of the time. What a joy to have a sweet baby! Blake seems to have some of his Sister Kara's energy level. He sleeps all night but during the day... oh my we are lucky to get him to take a nap of an hour or more :)
So has anyone else been following the news of the fella who is hospitalized in TX with Ebola? It's a super scary virus but more concerning to me is how unprepared our country is. Talk is cheap, our taxes are sky high, and this is the best we can do?  Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows I am not a doom and gloom person. No tin foil hats for hubby and I, we don't have a bunker out back, nor an arsenal of weapon's to take out the zombies. But... if the example in TX is any indication of what the "Officials" can do I think all of us need to think about a few things.
I for one wouldn't be comfortable with an agency delivering food to my door each day. We are good eaters we are also picky about what we eat. In times of stress we each find comfort in different ways. For me it's vacuuming :) and dark chocolate. Hubby is partial to play time in the garage and M&M cookies. Our big girls, hot tea, fancy coffee for one and any snack food for the other. I wonder if agencies would be delivering things like that? Having some special toys tucked away, family games, supplies for hobbies, and lots of crafts for the kiddo's would help pass the time while stuck in the house. I am thinking no agency will be dropping that on the doorstep.
Every day we can find so many things to be thankful for, today I am thankful for our families good health and our deep pantry :)


  1. This ebola thing is just plain darned scary. Especially since the guy that brought it in lied to get here...saying he had not been near anyone contaminated when he had been with a pregnant woman with the virus that ultimately died from it. I wonder sometimes where it will all end. There do not seem to be any real screens in place at all.

    Glad you have your pantry all set to go for winter. xo Diana

    1. Screening only works if people answer honestly.

  2. Hi Debby, Is it just me- all I got was a picture when I tried your link above? Scary business! If A LOT of people were sick I don't think their would be deliveries. Yay for a stocked pantry! Angela

  3. As a nurse I see people every day with symptoms that mimic those of Ebola but luckily they do not have it. If it does start to spread here we will be in trouble because people will fight being quarantined and you can't put armed guards at every house.

  4. Definitely something to think about!!! My daughter works on the base of Ft. Campbell. They are preparing to send 700 soldiers to the Ebola area. All well and good, until they come BACK. I just don't know. :((

  5. I think that most soldiers would rather risk going to Afganistan. I did hear a doctor on the radio today begging people to get their flu shots so,that there would be less people going to ER's with possible Ebola since flu symptoms are the same as Ebola symptoms.

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