Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A New Week

 Do you see this face? It's the face of a girl who locked her Nanny out of the house while she and her baby brother stood laughing at the door. NOT FUNNY!!!! Last week was a long week!!
 Karsyn and Mason are busy beavers too, they at least don't pull crazy tricks on me
 This is the face of someone who has found Nanny's GOOD chocolate stash :)
 The face of sweetness asking for more water from his Papaw
 The face of a girl who needs to spend LOTS of time outdoors!!
 Hubby ask what I wanted to do for Mothers day last week. CLEAN the deck please!!!!! Here is the before.
 And the after :) So much better!!!
A nice clean space for me to sit while he works :). He has been working hard to keep the garden up for me as I have done something to my right arm that is causing terrible nerve pain.

I didn't get much marked off my list last week as I had one or more of the grands each day. But Hubby and I did make a major dent on the deck yesterday afternoon after our Mothers Day cookout.

The list of wants/needs seems to never end in an older house :( Our decks need to be replaced. The top deck is original to our home, the lower deck hubby and I added some 20 years ago, it too has seen better days.

As I was making the list of To Do's and to buy's for the deck area this weekend we marked off painting and staining the deck and rails. I just didn't see spending money on paint and all for decks that hopefully will be torn off next year. It's time to save!!!!!

 We did spring for new cushions for all of the chairs, as well as new umbrella's. OUCH!!! I thought about recovering or old cushions but they were not worth the time and money to fool with. Seeing as how they were 7 years old replacement seemed justified. Have you priced outdoor cushions lately? CRAZY!!! I was shocked that 6 chair cushions ran $419.00 and that was at one of the warehouses!!!

The Lord must have known how upset I have been over the massive amount of dollars that have flown out of our home over this past month, he put a little yard angel in the parking lot of the garden center :) As hubby and I were getting our flat bed buggy a fella was loading his truck. He ask if we were planning on getting flowers? Yes as a matter of fact we are. He was so sweet in sharing if we went to the very back of the store they had 50%-70% off a ton of flowers. SCORE!!!!!!


  1. oh they look so sweet and innocent don't they!! I have a photo of our little Nora on my blog today. One thing I would love to do is bottle up some of their energy and take a long sip myself!!

  2. I am laughing at your photos and grands faces- mine aren't always sweet as sugar either. Keeps life interesting, right?

    I know about that money flying away. Some months are just like that.

  3. Precious children! My daughter locked her daddy out of the house once and he was in his skivvies. Ha! That'll teach him to feed the animals half dressed. That was probably 18 years ago and we still laugh about it. Your deck looks nice! Have a great week!