Friday, May 29, 2015

Crazy Wonderful Busy!!

 Blake Robert/Tater Tot celebrated his first Birthday this week!!! He was a wild man at Chucky E Cheese!!!
 Blake HATES table food...we have tried everything under the sun, still he refuses to eat anything other than pureed baby food. Birthday cake? Forget it, that is until Mason Man shared a few bites with him!!
 Blake is a BUSY, BUSY boy. I am afraid he is going to run circles around his big Sister Kara :( Lord give me strength
 Yesterday while hubby and his buddy knocked out even more projects around the house I got busy FMQ a quilt for one of hubby's Aunts. YAAAAA One down one to go!! I am excited to get it washed, dried, then hung on the clothes line :)
 I have had a recipe for "hot flash" cream on my want to do list for awhile now. I was just waiting on DD#1 to get me a few empty lip balm tubes. This time of year we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off! As a treat to me I took some time out to whip up a batch when she remembered to bring the tubes to Blake's party. You can find the recipe here. I should remind you I am not a Dr. I am not recommending what will or won't work in the essential oils world and, I didn't sleep at a holiday Inn last night :)
The oil box from this week came in handy for keeping the tubes upright. I had thought about picking up a sheet of Styrofoam to get the job done....have you seen the price of Styrofoam? Ouch, make do was good enough for me!! I hope to find the time today to dress the tubes up a bit with a cute label. Sure hope this works!!!
 Another needed to find the time to do was to get my Mothers Day gift from DD filled out. Have you seen the Erin Condren planners? They are really cute!! I have a love hate relationship with planners. I love having a cute planner all filled out and organized. I hate how heavy they are to carry around. I am crazy in love with the cute stickers this planner came with but I hate I can never get them straight on the little date blocks. I find it a pain to keep up with a calendar and a planner but I just can't go without an old fashion calendar hanging on the pantry door no matter how ugly it looks. DD#1 and DD#2 have both requested the teacher planners for next school year, better start saving money now!!
Almost forgot!!!!! How could I forget this! The Irish chain quilt top is complete :) One row on this quilt gave me fits. It took me forever to figure out what the heck was going on for the middle row, lots of reading the pattern, ripping out a seam, over and over again. I finally realized the pattern was wrong :) After all of that frustration I was more than ready to tuck it away with the other quilt tops!!!

I have been working on super speed this week to try and get as much done as possible before I have the kiddo's for a few days. DD#3 informed me last night that her in-laws will be keeping the grands while they are here for a visit.....It's nice to have a little time off but still.....We are going to miss those little buggers today :(

Hubby and his buddy have decided since we don't have kiddo's to drag around today it will be the perfect day to drive around looking for land. Sigh. Hubby has had it in his head for a few years that he wants a little piece of land in the country. He has visions of spending weekends out on his mini farm enjoying Mother Nature driving around on a full size tractor. I have visions of yet one more thing to take care of.  A giant  time and money sucker, just what we need in our golden years!!

I might be an interesting day

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  1. can't believe the little man is already a year old. Love your quilt top and quilt.