Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day of Healing

 After killing off all of the ivy and way past their prime shrubs last Spring, Summer, and Fall we have started planting our very bare beds in the front yard. We/I need LOW maintenance plants!!!! Color and cuteness is also high on the list of wants/needs. I hope I have not made a mistake by planting Knock out roses with some Drift roses scattered around.
 Tyler and I had a nice breakfast out yesterday morning before going on some errands together. What does it take to fill up an 8 year old growing boy? A full order of French toast, 2 scrambled eggs, full order of bacon, with a couple of glasses of lemonade to quinch his thirst!! Our grands can pack in the food for sure!!!
 We hit Lowe's after breakfast to purchase a few more rose bushes while they are having a Mothers Day sale along with paint for the shutters and garage door. Now that the new windows are in along with the Hardly board installation to replace some worn siding the shutters and such are looking shabby. Home improvements seem to take on and expensive life of their own!!!!

 The last room in the house to be put back together after the window installation is the sewing/scraproom. Progress is slow, very, very slow!!!
I gave myself an hour to work on the room this morning as I need to pick up DD#1's little kiddo's after Pre School at noon today. If I could ever find a full day free to get at this mess I think I could knock it out. Full free days are rare this time of year!!!!

Tyler and I had a wonderful day of healing yesterday. While we were at Lowe's we ran into bird house kits. Tyler and Papaw love puttering around in the garage building stuff :) After we threw it in the buggy Tyler ask if we could get one for each of the other Grands...he has such a sweet giving heart :) Sure throw them in!! As he was filling the buggy with 4 more bird houses he found a build your own car set. Have mercy!!! After a quick call to his Papaw they decided Mason man would love a new hand made car. Oh the tings we do for this little guys.
Last stop was the grocery store to make dinner for his family. "Mommy is so sad, I don't think she wants to cook" Pork chops, taters and gravy. corn on the cob, and Lima beans. He was feeling a little better when he left to take dinner to Mommy :)

He did have a melt down after lunch while he was cuddling with AJ the beagle which is expected after such a large loss. After some heart breaking tears and hugs we spent the afternoon watching "Swiss Family Robinson" Its his new FAVORITE movie!!! Just goes to show the Oldies really are the Goodies.

Today's to do:
Hang out with the little ones
Make another dinner for Mommy
Finish the laundry
Hope the bread will rise now that the AC is on :)
Download and print the last batch of photo's for Elijah's Volume #2 scrapbook

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