Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still Plugging Away

 Finally today is the last day of Tyler's Sports scrapbook!!! It seems like it has taken forever but looking back I realize I didn't start it until last Saturday. I took it by one evening this week to pick up his team photo's from Mom so he could have a little sneak peak. It was a hit in his 8 year old eyes!! Yaa
 I hate for anything to go to waste, that may be one of the many reasons I have way too much stuff in my crafting stash :) If you look at the layout above you can see I cut the word touchdown in a shadow font. I just couldn't put the negatives from those cuts in the trash. By backing them with scraps I now have 2 more titles to add to my stash for next season. Once I finish his album up this morning I will work the leftover scraps of paper over before putting everything away for a few weeks as this season is close to being over.
Between yard work, gardening, sewing, scraping, and all that jazz my hands are a wreck. After dinner last night I made up a few batches of hand scrub.
 A couple of small bottles to give away
 A few more larger jars for gifting
And one for me :) Poor hubby thought I was in the kitchen blending something yummy for our after dinner desert. All in good time dear.

I am excited to finally get all this scrapbooking mess off the kitchen table sometime today!!! I had planned to finish the quilt top I started last week but it looks like that project will be delayed until next week. We have company coming in tomorrow so somebody needs to do some housework, ME.

We had our first salad from the garden last night with our dinner thanks to hubby's hard work. I have not been of much help this year with the nerve problems in my arm. Slowly it has finally started getting better thank goodness!! We hope to have the last of the spring planting completed tonight, thankfully we have a very long growing season. Time seems to fly by when your trying to play catch up.

Today's To Do's
1.) Finish Ty Boys scrapbook
2.) Clean up the scrapbook mess
3.) Finish garden planting
4.) Give the house a quick clean
5.) Open the guest bedroom and bathroom
6.) Take in a baseball game tonight
7.) Clean fridge
8.) Make a desert
9.) grocery list/maybe grocery shop

That should be enough to fill my day

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