Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just a Normal Day

 After mopping only one room yesterday I broke down and bought a new mop after all :) Not to be tacky but I think I am worth the $10.00 for a tool I use so often!!
 I just might have saved us at least $100.00 Dr. office visit. My right arm has been killing me since last Thursday, by the weekend I was unable to do much of anything. I had no energy, feeling as if I might just pass, can constant pain do that? Yesterday morning when I took yet another anti-inflammatory pill hoping for some relief I noticed there were 2 different color pills in the bottle. What the heck? It seems a nameless adult male that is nice to have around most of the time mistakenly threw his extra blood pressure pills in my anti inflammatory pill bottle!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for letting me live another day!!!!!! Now that I am taking the CORRECT pill I have hope that things will move in the right direction. I shall allow the nameless man live another day:)
While I was out and about I ran by our local tire store to pick up a few FREE tires for a yard project
Have no idea how many cans of spray paint each tire will need so I am starting with 3 in hopes it will be enough.
Another stop on my errand list was to hit the quilt shop for more quilting thread. I have $75.00 in gift certificates for the store I received at Christmas......Drum roll........I purchases the thread and only the thread!!!!!! Go me!!!

Can I just tell you how free I felt walking out of that quilt shop with only the spool of thread I needed!! I think the key to my fabric addiction might be to touch everything in the sewing room before I hit the store's. Five dollars and seven cents was the total!!!

I am finally seeing a light at the end of this home improvement tunnel. All rooms are back in order, the attic is complete, ditto for the decks and yard. The closets and cupboards.....Rome wasn't built in a day. They will get done all in good time (maybe)

Today is just normal everyday housework. Feels sorta like a mini vacation to just do the everyday stuff for a change!!!!

On today's list:
Print photo's
Pack for weekend retreat
Pay bills, BOOOOO
Paint tires, maybe
Enjoy some down time, For Sure!!!


  1. Do you like the Swiffer mop? I tried it and hated it.. did a horrible job. :( I caved and ordered the Norwex floor system and am excited to try it out...

  2. It does pretty good, I hate that you have to throw away the sheets but my hands just can wring out a real mop anymore