Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Crafting

  This week is teacher appreciation week which means....Nanny can you make.... :) Tyler's school sent home a list of little suggestions for each day of the week. Yesterday was a flower, other days are pamper, favorite drink, candy stuff like that. One of the gifts we will be sending in is stress reliever bath bombs. They were super easy to make and turned out cute. DD#1 tested them out this week for me as I would have to dust the bath tub if I were to want to try them :) I love learning new ways to use my essential oils!!
 The other gift I am working on is GC holders for Starbucks GC. I have been itching for a reason to use one of my new stamp sets!!
 I am sure Tyler will fuss at me for spelling "Lot" wrong :)
This sweet little tag stamp is included in the set
I spent the evening building to go coffee cups. They are so cute. I made one card yesterday but wasn't wild with the results, back to the drawing board :)
 Our weekends are FULL of sporting events!!! Soccer for Karsyn
 Ditto for Mason Man. Check out that game face!
 T-Ball for Kara
 Baseball for Ty boy
 As well as Football
Best sport of all is the time we get to spend together. Is this not the sweetest thing ever of Mason Man and Tater Tot greeting each other at the game?
Last week between the window installation and attempting to put the house back in order we had two soccer games, two baseball games, one T-ball game, then finished up with one football game. It was a bit much!!!!
I am SLOWLY getting each room in the house back in order, seems to be taking forever. Figured while all the pictures and stuff was off the walls I might as well clean things before returning them to their spot, same with all of the furniture and baseboards. Today's goal is to get the last bathroom completed as well as the last spare bedroom. The sewing/scraproom....oh my!!!! That one is going to take awhile.
Everything seems to pile on in the spring!!! The yard, garden, home improvements, spring sports, end of school year activities, it's hard to find time to do things I would like to do :) I am totally enjoying being forced to sit down and work on the GC holders!!!!
How do you keep up with it all? Are you like us just running from one thing to the next? My CRAZY hubby even goes to Kara's T-Ball practice! I don't mind a bit, it's the one evening I have at home alone to just be....
Time for a quick shower before the siding people should show up. This is their last chance, they have somehow come up with and excuse the past two times they were scheduled. Maybe all the sawing and banging around will give me the energy to keep at it.


  1. gosh you are a busy bee with all those games to go too. At least it looked nice weather wise; as there is nothing worse than sitting through a game when it's raining! Love your gift ideas.

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