Monday, May 18, 2015

Doing More With Less

 How many pages can you do in a full day in addition to just a couple of hours on the second? 48 pages :)
 I will need an additional day, maybe two for titles, stamping and some jazzing up of a few pages
 Mommy and Tyler will be in charge of the journaling which gets me off the hook big time!! I hate to journal :)
 Combining traditional scrapbooking with pocket pages is the perfect balance for me. I can get lots of photo's in albums with a whole heck of a lot less cost and work.
 It's hard to believe it's already been 5 years since he slipped on that first set of tiny cleats
 Hubby and I realized a few weeks back that one or both of us have spent our springs at Baseball/Softball games for at least 55 years!!!! We might be getting old :)
And now football.....A sport we are head over heels in love with except when one of our grands are playing!! I really wish our little fellas would stick with Baseball. I am so afraid Ty boy is going to get hurt.

This past weekend I decided to save time, my back, and my arm that has a mind of it's own when it comes to nerve pain and pack VERY light for the retreat. I took my scrapbooking cart along with an album full of assorted page protectors. That's it!! No machines, stamp tower, containers full of stamps, gizmo's or gadgets. Be it tacky or not, I must say I rocked Ty Boys album!!!

For me less is more in so many area's of my life. After almost 40 years of marriage we have too much STUFF!! I am taking today off to continue to work on Tyler's album as Hubby is on a short road trip. Ditto for Tuesday, then it's on to my closet, ugh!!!! Just too much STUFF!!!

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