Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sad Day

 The Grands gift card holders are complete! While I was at it I made a batch of 14 cards. We are big GC givers, they are always a good fit :)
It feels good to get this off my to do list I can tell you
Our hearts are heavy today after the loss of our Grand dog Kody Jackson yesterday afternoon. Kody was DD#1's Wedding gift from her husband, he was the sweetest baby ever. A best buddy to "His kiddo's" Tyler, Karsyn, and Mason. This is a photo of he and Tyler when they brought Karsyn home from the hospital, I think you can tell from this photo what a great buddy he was :)
Tyler was running a fever when he got home from school yesterday so DD#1 and I had decided he might need to stay at home today. After he found his BFF where he had passed away we knew he would be having a day off from school.
My to do today. Help our Tyler during this great time of sorrow. The loss of a pet is so hard, helping the grands deal with the loss is heartbreaking :(

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