Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Proud Mama

 DD#2 Graduated this past Saturday with a Masters Degree in Education Administration!!! Since she did the majority of her studies on line she didn't want to bother walking the stage :( Oh well....We are so proud of her for deciding to kick her education up another notch and devoting her life to education. I feels so odd to have a DD who looks like a teenager herself that can now be a principal of a High School!!
 I worked hard Monday on housework, not that I am caught back up or anything but still I was working it!! The last of the torn apart rooms is complete too!! I thought I would never get the sewing/scraproom back in order :) As a little prize to myself I played around with a new stamp set. I am always in need of GC holders. I thought this one would be great for one of our ice cream shops.
Stamping, coloring, and a few pop dots, pure happiness :) 
On for today. Mopping, UGH!!! Lots and lots of mopping. Every floor in the house is a nasty mess. It will take at least two rounds to get it all cleaned. I am really in need of a new mop as my old one is at least 10 years old, maybe older but...I am sick to death of the spending!!! I am feeling a whole lot of make do will be in our future this summer.
Also on the must do list is prepare for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat. I am just not feeling it :) I have no idea what I want to work on, nor do I have a desire to pack it all up. Spending time with the other ladies is the only reason I am even going. I think I am in major burn out after the massive amount of layouts I have finished for Elijah. I am itching to SEW!!!!
Speaking of sewing....Lord have mercy I need to finish sew many projects!!!! Putting the sewing/scraproom back in order brought out all the beautiful (ugly) truth. My fabric bank runneth over!!! I pulled out a UFO Irish Chain quilt that I LOVE but had put on the back burner for a year or could it be maybe two?  I am going to carve out an hour or two from my day today to work on it :)
Another MUST do sewing project is to finish hand quilting another quilt. I have been moving that quilt around in a bag way too long. It is now resting beside the sofa for some evening hand work.
We have a few mini vacations coming up this summer, hand quilting would be a nice way to pass the time in the motel. It beats the heck out of watching TV!!!

Off to the races, if I stay on track I just might be able to carve out a bit of play time today