Friday, May 15, 2015

Sewing Therapy Thursday

 My sewing machine has been collecting dust for way to long! Yesterday was the perfect day to work on a UFO. There is only one way to declutter the sewing/scraproom and that is to get some projects completed.
 I only needed to make 30 more blocks and cut the blank blocks along with the points.
Things moved along so quickly I went ahead and worked on the rows :) I can't wait until I can carve out another day to finish this quilt top, it's been waiting on some TLC for too long

Finally!!!!! A few hours of play time!!! Life has been way out of balance with all that has been going on since Christmas. How crazy it that? I still have a list a mile long that needs to be worked on but I was getting close to my burn out line. I had to have some me time :)

This weekend is also all about me :) I am headed out after the kiddo's leave today for a scrapbooking retreat, yaaaaa. I did myself a favor this go around by packing LIGHT!!!!! I have never ever taken so few supplies. Once I had a plan in mind of what I wanted to work on over the weekend I realized to complete some pages I would have to load the entire scrapbook room. Not gonna happen, I just got that room back in working order.

In anticipation that I might finish scrapbooking long before the weekend is over I am taking along a quilt that I have been hand quilting. In reality it's a quilt I haven't been able to work as there has been no time, it keeps moving from one place to another with the promise " I do sew love you but it's just not your turn".

Finding a balance in life is an on going battle for me. I am sure it is for most of us. Here lately when I do find some down time I just want to SLEEP!!! I almost backed out of going to this retreat...Hubby and I need to tackle the garage next on our never ending quest to get more clutter out of our life. I had forgotten I made my motel reservation back before Christmas when I could get a super deal on the room. Part of the deal was there are no changes or cancellations to the reservation. I will go :)


  1. You'll be glad you went. To finish some pages and maybe a quilt....and to do it on your 'me time' .....can't get any better than that. Have fun!

  2. I thought of you when I saw this about the health benefits of quilting. Interesting article, for sure! I think all sewing has these benefits.