Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Start of a New Week

 I took some time out this past holiday weekend to play with some oils. Super quick and easy Oatmeal scrub/face mask. It's nothing more than old fashion oats blended until it becomes fine add 10 to 15 drops of lavender essential oils ( I use the good stuff from Young Living) Mix well then store in a cute jar, cute is always important :) To use you take a TBLS of the oatmeal blend in the palm of your hand, add enough water to make a past. Scrub your face then leave on till dry, 5 to 10 minuets. Rinse off and your done. It feels really good. Once again poor hubby thought I was in the kitchen baking him up something yummy like oatmeal cookies. I offered he and a buddy who is hanging out with us this week use of my cute face scrub to try as a consolation prize, they passed :)
 More skeeter  spray along with a bug bite blend, and Owie roller ball. Summer is here with it comes lots of skeeters and Owie's around our place. So far we are having great success with ditching the OTC drugs for essential oils.
Today as the fellas do some guy stuff in the garage and yard I am working on an Irish chain quilt top. The goal for today is to complete the top. We have lots and lots of leftovers from the holiday weekend. No cooking for me tonight!!! That should give me a few more hours of sewing.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend. Ours was great. Lots of yummy summer food, time with family, and hanging around the back yard enjoying tall glasses of water for me, adult beverages for the others :)

Hubby has taken the week off, best part of all he has a playmate for the week. That should keep him out of my hair and off my nerves :) Already this morning they have made repairs to the deck, done a little work in the garage, taken a load of junk to the dump, and made a run to Goodwill for me. Oh ya, and caught a lizard that was on the staircase, ewwwww

My focus needs to be on quilting all week, finish the quilt top I have started then move on to FMQ of two other quilt tops. Hubby wants to give two of his aging Aunts a quilt when we visit in late June. Works for me!!! I have a great excuse to set at the machine for hours on end.

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