Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Change of Plans

 Changing plans seems to be the new way of life around our home these days. Hubby is all about little adventures no matter the monkey wrench it might put on my "To Do" List :) He called home soon after going to work yesterday letting me know we had a new piece of land to look at after work. Might even be sooner if he didn't have any late afternoon meetings.

Cleaning out of the spice cabinets was off the list as I knew it could take most of the day to unload everything, wash down the inside of the cabinets, check expiration dates, and all that jazz not to mention putting it all back together in addition to getting the kitchen back in working order. sigh

So what's a gal to do? Shopping therapy of course!!! The weekly grocery sales started yesterday, after checking out some of the prices that morning I knew I needed to do some freezer stock up.

I had already done a quick inventory of the freezers awhile back, after taking another peek in the freezer, grabbed my list, out the door I went.
 Being the early riser that I am I was in the store before rush hour was over. I had a list, I was sticking to that list!!

First stop was the ground beef section...why are the prices not showing the sale price I wonder? I then went on to take a quick peek at the pork chops, same deal they were not on sale. What in the world. Well maybe I pulled up last weeks ad. I went back to the front to check the sale flyer, sure enough they were both on sale.

Back to the meat dept. to ask the butcher what was going on. I informed him the sale paper showed the ground beef and pork chops were on sale but the packages didn't reflect the sale price. BTW they had the sale sign out in front of the meats.

He had an odd look on his face...I figured someone had made a mistake, now I'm not so sure. He very nicely told me to pick out what I wanted he would then adjust the price tags. I'm sure he didn't expect that I would clean out both shelves, but I did.

Once he returned the meat to me with the correct price I ask him what would have happened if I would have checked out thinking the sale price would have been calculated at the register. Another odd look on his face....Well... you would have paid full price for everything.

Once I checked out I spoke to the manager explaining to him what had happened at the meat counter. Was that a new practice at the store? Did people now have to ask the butcher to adjust to the sale price for each package of meat on sale. He didn't seem very surprised by what had happened but he did offer me a $25.00 gift card for bringing it to his attention.

I thanked him for his offer but passed on the freebie. I am not looking for anything more that truth in advertising. Next week I will for sure be checking out that meat counter to see if the "mistake" will be repeated. If so I will be accepting that gift card...followed up with a short note to the local news.

 I got busy repacking the meats when I returned home.
10 pounds of ground beef at the cost of $41.98 a savings of $24.16
15 Packages of pork chops/loins at the cost of $54. 92 savings of $38.70
Total spent $96.90
Total saved $62.86
$62.86 is a whole lot of cash to be leaving in the grocery store till because someone made a mistake on every single package of meat on sale...makes you wonder.
In the ongoing process of letting go around the house I wondered why I still have theses canisters sitting on the kitchen counter doing nothing more than taking up space. I stopped using canisters many years back when we were having an ant problem.
Nothing grosser than pouring that first cup of coffee in the morning only to find ants crawling around in the sugar canister just when you are all ready to Dr. that cup up.

The sugar canister was cleaned, sterilized never to be used for sugar again. Sugar has been safely stored in the pantry bug free for many years now. So hubby says to me not long after that "I wonder if there are ants in the coffee canister too" Holy crap batman we would never be able to see them, double gross!!
That was the end of using the canisters for anything. They are now in the charity box. Why so many years of hanging on to useless to me stuff? I think sometimes "stuff" just gets lost in the background.

Today's To Do is getting back to the kitchen clean out. I have Tater Tot as my sidekick today. Who knew cleaning out the spice cabinet could turn into an athletic event? Only Mommy's and Nanny's with rug rats running around.

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  1. I have been purging closets today and was wondering the same thing...why do we just hang on to useless things. Good job on calling out the butcher. It could have been an honest mistake, but given his comment that you would have paid full price, it just sounds like someone was being lazy.