Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heart Broken

I try very hard to keep my blog uplifting, who needs to be visiting a blogger that has nothing going on in their life but fussing and cussing!

I know regular reader's of this blog have wondered what the heck is going on with the lack of regular posts the past few months. Here is the ugly truth.

Our family has been struggling with so many emotions as we deal individually with sweet Elijah's journey to wellness. Posting about gardens, projects around the house, cashing in on deals at the grocery and such as that seems so trivial in the scope of life for us right now. Nothing in our lives are more important than this sweet little boy.

In our day to day lives we try to keep it normal....whatever in the hell that is now days. Elijah is always on each and every one of our minds and hearts constantly. His little brother Sam, Mommy, Gigi, Pappy and of course Aunt Julie Lord it is just so hard to keep it together and "normal".

In the past few months two of Elijah's friends he has meet on this journey have lost their battle. Just a few weeks back another child that he and his family have befriended was sent home with hospice. We of course have embraced theses families too, rejoiced in the little victories and cried over the not so good news.

With the passing of each of these children our world is turned up side down. It's hard to stay focused on the every day tasks some days when we share in their devastating pain.

Today we have been hit with a double blow.

DD#3 had a follow up visit to our family Dr. this morning. They sent her back to ER for yet another transfusion. Since her release from the hospital on Saturday she has lost 2 pints of blood. They can find on internal bleeding nor is she bleeding out.

Just seconds after talking to DD#3 reassuring her the kiddo's were fine with me just take care of herself we got heart stopping news.

Sweet Elijah has been removed from the trial at Emory Hospital due to his declining health.

Over our lifetime we have faced this nasty disease with too many friends and family members. Transitioning into the home God has waiting for us all in heaven with an adult is one thing but with a child......

Please say an extra prayer tonight for Elijah as well as his Mommy, family, and friends. Our faith is strong, but our hearts are broken.


  1. I'm so sorry for your devastating news. My prayers are with Elijah and all of you! I've also said a prayer for your DD#3.

  2. So sorry..My prayers are with Elijah and family and your entire family!!

  3. I have been following Elijah and I have been one of his prayer warriors since you first told us about his sweetness. I, too, am deeply sad that the cancer seems to be claiming another darling child. My husband, totally unexpectedly, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had his left kidney removed in March and the tumor was encapsulated, so he did not need chemo or radiation. But that most hateful word CANCER turns families upside down and inside out. Most especially when a child is involved. I am on my knees right beside you, praying for your family, especially your darling daughter, and for Elijah's family and for his devoted brother Sam.

  4. We always need to remember that's it's God's will and not ours. He won't let this wonderful faithful family alone with their grief and sadness. If he has too he'll carry them until they can stand alone. When I lost my son I wanted to stop breathing. For a mother the pain is almost too much but again God is there for her. It doesn't matter that she has more children. It only matters that one is gone. Soon my son's desire to be an organ donor was gifted to me by God.I found some peace among the recipients even though I wanted to wrap my arms around my son and not let go.As hard as it is today, God will not let this family roam through grief and pain without finding them a place to rest. I'll continue to pray for them and your daughter and family.

  5. Ugh, big lump in my throat - thanks so much for sharing that. I go blithely along my day(s), need reminding of such as this going on in this dark world. Till the day our Lord comes and takes us home...

  6. Absolutely heart-wrenching... :(