Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Savings and Baking

 We were getting really low on butter. It was one of the many things on my stock up list when I could find a deal. The week we left for vacation It finally got marked of my list. Cost of 30 pounds of butter? $90.45 saved $65.40. That really helps the budget!
 This week whole pork tenderloins went on sale BOGO. Since I had Blake with me this morning I didn't want to dig around much in the pork counter looking for the smaller packages so I went with just 4, cost? $31.01 saved $31.01 another good buy to help with the budget. After looking around in our pork section of the freezer it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few more before the sale goes off on Wednesday when I am baby free!!
 Since Papaw was home Saturday as my baby back up Kara an I worked up a few batches of sugar cookies. Lord the grands do love their kitchen time :) For sanitary reasons she had her own dough!!
 As an added bonus she got to decorate her own cookies to take home to her family.
An additional batch went over to Elijah's family in their favorite team colors. Auburn blue and orange. Saturdays game was dedicated to Elijah, such a special day for him.

Peace and quite with Blake in the house, YAAA. He knocked out on me on the way home from the grocery store. Most of the time a 5 minute cat nap just recharges his battery, on this rainy day he is still out cold :)

An update on DD#3, so far the second blood transfusion is working. She is still working with Drs. on more testing to figure out what is going on. This is not our first rodeo with her!!!! If all test come back negative she should be having a hysterectomy in the coming months. So far every thing is pointing in that direction.

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