Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's been too long!!!

 Where in the heck did the last month go?!!!
It has been CRAZY busy. I have been working a ton with our Essential oils. To say we are happy with the results so far would be an understatement!! I will be sharing what I can within the FDA guidelines soon :)
Hubby has been running the roads between home and a project in NV. It's a four day drive one way!!! This man of mine is NUTS. He is home for now trying to catch up with all of the fun things he likes to do with the grands. This day was devoted to rocket launching.
 Each grand had their very own launch, hubby loved it. Me not so much....You see while he was standing next to the Captain of each rocket I was in charge of ground control. In other words keeping the other 4 kiddo's a safe distance from the launch pad. No easy task I assure you.
 Another "great" idea of our Papaw's was to have a camp out at our house with the older four grands. Here we have the girls tent and boy tent set up on each end of our room. I am sure you can guess how that worked out. Yep, all of the kiddo's in our bed, papaw in the spare room and I slept (not much) across the bottom of our bed.
 I have been trying to work different area's of our home that needs some TLC. Now that Tater Tot is into everything rearranging of glass cookware/leftover storage became a MUST do. I am trying to convert over to mostly glassware for leftover/warming up storage. Plastic will still have a place in the kitchen but it has taken a minor role when it comes to leftover storage and warming up of anything

 So far the reorganizing is working pretty well. Since I am the only one who puts up leftovers as well as cooking maybe this system will stay as is. Hubby is really great about unloading the dishwasher, he knows all glass cookware needs to be left on the counter. Don't mess with Nanny's cabinets!! Men really can be some what trained in small tasks :)
 Mailing of goodie bags, thinking of you, and feel better cards with GC enclosed has unfortunately been a weekly task. Sometimes more that once a week. In the past month there has been so much heart breaking news of children we have meet during Elijah's battle with cancer. Sending out little treats for these children is the least we can do for them.
 School also started last month. Lots of back to school shopping for the grands as well as our two Daughters who work in education. Ouch!!! Here is Wild Child Kara on her first day of Kindergarten which she LOVES.
Tater Tot and I are Lone Rangers for the most part these days. This has been an adjustment for both of us. Blake is use to having playmates around...he is feeling a little lost. As for me? I am loving having some one on one time with this little guy.

I have hopes that things will begin to settle down around here. I have been hoping for that for a whole lot of months :) Now that Hubby is back home, the little kids are settled in school/pre-school we just might have a normal schedule of sorts beginning.

One of my biggest personal hurdles has been to get my health issues back on track. I want everything done and done fast....ain't nobody got time for this mess :)

As a family we are all struggling with our little buddy Elijah's continuing battle with cancer. Watching he and his family fight so hard for his life is overwhelming some days. Its really hard to focus on every day things when this nasty black cloud hangs over us all.

Maybe, just maybe I can get back on track :)

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