Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Forty Years!!!

How can it be that forty years ago we walked down that isle making a covenant with God and each other? Boy does time fly!!!!! We are spending 5 days in the beautiful Smokies with one of our best friends who has been in our lives since way before we said "I Do"
How is this for a morning view over a cup of coffee?
Hubby and our Buddy have become BFF's with these wild turkeys. How in the world you ask? I caught them feeding theses not so cute birds homemade "Chex Party Mix" grrr. This morning they were bold enough to join me on the front porch, YUCK!!!
For us vacation is simple....We have spent or days touring all the beauty God has given us for FREE if we are willing to slow down and enjoy his creations.
Every curve has a new breathtaking view.
This morning while the boys are out doing boy stuff I am spending my time in a rocking chair working up a quilt.
Hubby ask last night who this quilt will be going to. I honestly don't know....maybe she will just stay at home with me. Over time my heart will know where she belongs.
While we are enjoying the simple things this week our hearts are always with Elijah and his family. If you have been following Elijah's fight with this nasty disease on face book you already know his journey here on Earth is almost over.
God has decided Elijah's little body will be healed in the kingdom that he has prepared for all of us in Heaven.
Our DD#1 and her hubby while still focusing on what they can do for Elijah and his family are now working with counselors to begin explaining to Tyler what is coming in the near future.
They are taking baby steps....Tyler knows and understands that Elijah doesn't want to play anymore, he is also aware that it's hard for Elijah to talk these days.  He also knows that Elijah still laughs sometimes and he still likes to smile. Tyler's words..."God can make Elijah better even if the Doctors can't"
Well yes he can, you are right!!! But explaining to a Nine year old that his healing won't be here on Earth for us to witness.....Lord we pray for guidance and strength.


  1. My heart hurts for you and your family. You will continue to be in my prayers. I pray that Elijah's journey to his Father's house, will be a peaceful one. I do hope you enjoy your visit to the Smokies and that you experience God's glorious creations like he intended for you to do. Hugs and Prayers!

  2. Pretty cabin without the turkeys that is. Death is so hard to explain to a child. All they know is their best friend is gone and that is hurtful. I'll be praying he can except this loss and enjoy the memories he'll have as he gets older.

  3. Congrats on 40 years, may you enjoy your vacation.
    How is your DD that was having issues with her blood?

    I have been praying for and watching Elijah on Facebook. Prayers will be continued.