Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Best Halloween Party Ever!!!!

 Last night all the kiddo's in the neighborhood gathered at Elijah's front door to kick off his special Halloween Party. A professional make up artist volunteered to do his thing on Elijah!!!! He was over the top happy with the results.
 Elijah's favorite former Auburn quarterback now the Carolina Panthers quarter back Cam Newton surprised the crowd by showing up in an ice cream truck!!!!! Free ice cream for all the goblins!
 How is this for a little boys dream come true. Trick R Treating with your "Super Mama" and Cam Newton.
 And who could forget his other special surprise guest Panthers Linebacker Colin Cole with his cute wife and children.
 The Cole's even had a video game trailer delivered for the neighborhood to play their hearts out all night long!!!
Elijah was over the moon happy with his Early Halloween Party!!!!!!

The outpouring of love and support Elijah has had for the past 17 months takes our breath away. Hubby and I sat last night watching photo's being uploaded onto social media of Elijah's party. I was a puddle of tears.

No one knew these wonderful caring football players were going to show up. These men didn't bring along the media. They showed up with gifts the entire neighborhood could enjoy. They were just part of the party, not looking for or wanting any publicity. Just REAL MEN with the hearts of giving.


  1. Lots of love & prayers headed your way and especially Elijah's way!! xo

  2. What precious people to make Elijah's wishes come true. And what precious memories are being made. Hugs and prayers for all!

  3. Wow Debby, I am so sad about Elijah.
    I am also amazed at this this early party. There is so much misbehaving in pro sports, it is very nice to know some of them have hearts of gold.

  4. These Halloween party photos are fantastic. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos here. Like Halloween events a lot! I am getting married soon at one of destination wedding venues NYC and just had my bridal shower and went for a Halloween theme.

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