Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unexpected Adventures

 Yesterday was little boy day. Mason Man was so excited to have a day with "Baby Blake" all to himself. Things didn't go as well as he had hoped.

 Tater tot has been a little under the weather for the last few days. Mommy took him to ER first thing Thursday morning with a high fever and just not acting right Mommy intuition. Sure enough he had a double ear infection, antibiotics and fever reducer ever 4 hours should have turned things around fast. Of course as all of you know little kiddo's can throw a monkey wrench in just about everything. The little bugger spiked a fever of 106 overnight!!!!

 By the time Mommy dropped him off Friday morning this Nanny knew he just wasn't right. No tears when he cried, no wet diaper over night, and refused to take food/bottles or any of his medication.

Being the old Nanny that I am and being more stubborn than any toddler that has passed my way he did get the meds in his sweet little body. It wasn't pretty but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.  Next on the unplanned to do list was get the little guy to our family Doc as soon as the doors opened. Dr. visit results...if he didn't have a wet diaper within 3 hours he would have to be admitted to the hospital for IVs. His little body was getting to the point of dangerously low hydration.

One thing I had noticed while "administering" nice way of saying forced those meds in his body was that he had a couple of odd looking blisters on his gums. The Dr. checked it out, diagnosis...could be he is cutting more teeth along with the ear infection. Her words "You never know with these little kids, they are always throwing us curve balls" We love our Dr's!!! They tell it like it is :)

Papaw and Mason Man got to work on the little guy pigging out on ice cream and Popsicles. They were able to get 2 toddler Popsicles in him!! YAAA for men talk!! I figured now that his mouth was nice and frozen he just might take a bottle. Sure enough he kicked back a double :)

So proud to report his tinkle machine is working at normal speed once again. Another reason why we LOVE or family Dr's....She called both DD and I after 3 hours to see what Tater Tot was up too. With the holiday weekend she knew the hospital would get nuts she wanted him in sooner rather than later.

Window's 8 laptop, fancy phone, and Fitbit.
 One of the many frustrating I may never "get" this stuff things I have had to deal with this past month has been electronic gadgets. Honestly some days I think they will be the death of me.

My trusty flip phone of 13 years gave up on me during our disastrous family beach trip this year. Mobile Phones were our life line during that stomach bug. The infected condo would call the well condo (mine) to request, food, fluids, more OTC drugs whatever was needed while the adults were down and out. I was the runner :) OK by me as long as they kept that bug isolated. Once my phone went down we had to revert to face to face communication. I was tempted to have them pass notes under the door so I could use rubber gloves to read the list but...well we are family good or bad we are in this together.

After purchasing this overpriced but cute phone the instruction time began. Between the big kids and Tyler who is only 9 years old they had me up and running for the most part. We ran into a problem in that Hubby had set our apple account up for his phone years ago. For me (the kids) to do what needed to be done on some things I had to get into that account. Do you really think hubby remembered his password? Heck he couldn't even remember his log in ID.

While I still think the new gadget is over priced I must say Apple has AMAZING customer service!!! It took 2 trips to the Apple store to resolve hubby's lack of memory problems but the reps stuck with us never making us feel like tea total morons!!! The last visit they even told us to please come back they would show us lots of really cool stuff that the fancy phone can do free of charge.

The Fitbit......

DD#2 convinced me purchasing the Fitbit would help inspire me to stay on track in my journey to better fitness. She was unable to shop with me to pick out this little gadget due to the opening of the school year so I was on my own.

Who knew there was so many to choose from, not me I can tell you!!! I went with the cheapest one they offered. Now to turn it on.....I won't even go there. Once she was up and running, connected to the new fancy phone (what the hell is that all about?) I was ready to rock the world on Nanny fitness. OK Rock is a strong word.

Me to DD#2 - This thing is not working right, it says I don't have any friends to challenge, and it makes my arm sweat

DD#2- Mom,  yes it does. You are just not doing it right.

Me - Duhh

DD#2 - OK, here is what you need to do...gibberish to me

Me - Nope, none of that is working. It isn't tracking my heart rate, and a bunch of other stuff you said it would do

DD#2 - Mom yes it does, don't be stubborn just do what I say. More gibberish

Me - Nope, mine must be broken

DD#2 - What did you buy and where did you buy it?

Me - Wally world, they had the best prices. Got it for $99.00

DD#2 - You get what you pay for. You bought the cheapest one they make it won't do all of what you want and need it to do. Take it back and get the more gibberish model.

Me - Hells bells NO!!! That would mean I would have to go back to the Apple store to get this economical one off then add the new expensive one on. Not gonna happen!!

DD#2 - OK Mom, BTW when you work out you are going to sweat get use to it and wear a sports bra for Gods sake!!!!

My review over all of the Fitbit?
Maybe I should have gone for the more expensive one after all but for now I am going to go with what I have got.
The thing is plastic, it makes my wrist sweat, yuck!!
Also FYI it doesn't track a single step I do when I take one of the Little's for a walk in the stroller.
I am going to hold out until Fitbit comes out with one that will track stroller time. I can clock between 1 or 2 miles a day with the stroller when one or more of the grands are making me nuts with there cute antics. That should count PEOPLE!!!


  1. your new phone has a free app that will do all that stuff that a fit bit would do.

  2. I had the fitbit with the heart rate monitor - isn't worth. the monitor doesn't work well (I have an exercise heart rate monitor to compare against). I wouldn't suggest upgrading for that feature

  3. 2 years ago we got the little clip on fit bits, they were very motivational but I kept leaving mine in the laundry,

    Just last week, I got a Fitbit flex, which is what I think yours is too. It doesn't count steps when your pushing a shopping cart either
    So yesterday on our stroller walk, I took it off my wrist and tucked it in my bra and that worked, I think it would work in your pants pockets too.

    We got our fitbits free from husbands employer. :). I will miss that kind of benefit when he retires soon but it will be very nice to have a less stressed husband,

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