Thursday, September 3, 2015

Essential Oil Play Day

Two posts in two days!!! It's a miracle! As I shared in yesterdays post I have been playing with and learning a lot more about Essential Oils. One of the area's our DD's and I have been excited about has been replacing store bought cleaning products with safe toxic free cleaning. On this day I was working on dish washing detergent. The ingredients were simple and very inexpensive.
I used Lemon, Thieves, and Lavender for their properties. The smell is really nice too :)
It took no time at all to mix up and make a nice size batch.
Now for the bubble test. It was looking promising...But in the end the bubbles disappeared pretty quickly.
After washing up a pile of pots and pans there wasn't a bubble in sight.
Even without any bubbles the pots and pans came out squeaky clean.
One of our other oily adventures was making a Lemon Freezer Pie. Kara was my helper for the day.
Once I had the pie put together I let Kara have at it with the leftovers. As you might be able to see in this photo there was a whole lot of taste testing going on :) Kara has never been a sweet eater so I was really surprised she liked this so much. Recipe Here It is a U Tube video
I got the recipe for this pie from Alissa Brewer it is super easy to put together and tastes great. One of my buddies is a Key Lime Pie crazy nut, he LOVED this pie. I plan on substituting the lemon juice and lemon essential oil with lime next time around to blow the socks off my good friend.
As far as the dish soap recipe.... I'm still not sure how I feel about it. No doubt the dishes got clean, the smell was lovely but I have a thing about bubbles.
I find washing dishes by hand with a sink full of thick bubbles relaxing. Call it crazy but washing dishes by hand helps sooth my soul. It's just me with a pile of dishes enjoying the view out the kitchen window. I never have to worry about anybody bothering me when I wash dishes by hand, I mean really who wants to take part in that task these days.
When any of the grands are around dish washing becomes on a whole new adventure. When there is a pile of dishes waiting the rule is let Nanny catch up then you can have at it. If its a small pile and no glass is involved they "Have to do all the work". They get such a kick out of "Doing all the work" The pride on their faces is priceless.
If the little's are busy playing while I am doing the dish washing I leave the dish water. Nothing keeps those rugs rats busy and quite than a surprise sink of bubbles. Sure there is water going everywhere but I consider it an opportunity to do a much needed quick mop of the kitchen floor.
With all that said until I find a nice bubbly home made dish washing recipe I am going to hold off on sharing the "How To"
Time to hit the sack for hubby and I. We have a big day with the little boys tomorrow. It will be their first time all alone together. Mason man is so excited to have some me time with "Baby Blake".

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