Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Early Halloween

 Left to right: Tyler, Sam, and Elijah from 5 years ago.
This morning SIL #1 had this photo show up on his face book memory timeline. It brought our entire family once again to our knees.

You see tonight DD#1 and her Hubby along with their neighbours will be together to celebrate Halloween Early for Elijah. The entire street has been busy as beavers decorating their homes and yards to make tonight special for Elijah. They have been running around picking out costumes for their kiddo's, purchasing extra special candy, and planning dishes for a pot luck dinner after the Trick or Treating has been completed. Along with working a full time job, taking care of her 3 kiddo's and home, DD#1 worked with the city so their street can officially be closed to traffic tonight for a safe fun night for this special little boy.
 My job was to make cookies and cupcakes for the goblins.
 Somebody special upstairs put this deal in my path :) Having just come off vacation, packing hubby up for a quick trip out of town, and keeping up with Tater Tot I decided to cut corners when it came to frosting the goodies. Regular priced frosting tubes $4.88 each. Sale price $2.44 in addition they were BOGO!! Yes, thank you very much.... I bought enough to take care of the early Halloween party along with Thanksgiving, and Christmas baking
 Tater Tot is earning a new name "Monkey Man" He was into everything under the sun today as I was trying to finish up with our covered dishes to take to the Early Halloween party.
 I finished the sugar cookies in the wee hours of the morning last night.
 The Mummy cupcakes were completed between plucking the Money off on thing or another.
He climbed on the rungs of this stool to reach Papaws junk drawer. Of course the stool slipped out from under him but he hung on to that drawer without blinking and eye. You can't tell from this photo but his feet are not even touching the ground. Oh my, he is a handful!!!!

In addition to deserts for the kiddo's Blake and I whipped up a layer dip for the adults and hit the grocery for picnic supplies for the after Early Halloween pot luck dinner tonight. It has been a busy emotional day.

Knowing hubby would be getting back home late tonight along with being worn out from keeping up with this toddler while cooking/baking for a crowd we are not going to join in on the festivities tonight. We are all a giant wad of nerves, add to that being dog a.. tired I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold it together when seeing Mommy, Gigi, Pappy, or Aunt Julie this evening.

Being around Sam or Elijah is easy...while Elijah's health is failing he is still just Elijah. Seeing the rest of the family.......there are just no words to describe the pain. The last thing this family needs is for us to fall apart in front of them.

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  1. I saw on the news that Cam Newton showed up for the celebration. I know that made for a very happy little boy!!!!