Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not So Fun Friday

 Tater Tot and I took on the task of cleaning out the spice cabinets Friday.
 There was a bit of condensing of various 1/2 full bottles, odds, and ends.
 Not happy at all with the spices that had expired. While I know they wold still be OK just not as potent as they should be I decided to trash the whole bunch. With fall comes pretty good sales in the spice department of the grocery store.
 Once that cabinet was complete it was time to move on the the back up spices.
 Once I unloaded everything from the back up cabinet I made the mistake of turning my back. Never ever turn you back on an active one year old that is part monkey
 He was more help than I really needed at the end of a long week but he did at least keep my mind off some upsetting news.
When I find the time I will rewrite my sloppy copy grocery list of spices.

Just when things seem to be moving along nicely as always something seems to pop up. Friday was no different.

I received a call soon after Tater Tot's Mommy got to work...She had passed out. OK, don't panic!! After a deep breath and a quick call to our family Doc who was booked for the day DD#3 headed to the urgent care center.

It wasn't long before she called back to tell me they were sending her to ER. She was to ill for their staff to handle. More deep breaths. I thought about packing Tater Tot up and heading in her direction however ER's, germs, and toddlers are not a good mix...we stayed home

After a few hours and many lab tests later she was diagnosed with pneumonia as well as a blood count of 6. Don't panic, stay calm!!!! They were transporting her to the hospital. Be calm and carry on.
 DD#3 hubby picked Kara up after school, took a quick shower then passed the kids off so he could be with our DD. Again where should I be???? It was hard not to throw the kiddo's in the car to head to the hospital, I mean after all she is my baby!!!

Step back don't panic. Little's have no business in a hospital full of sick people who have who knows what. My hubby arrived home soon after to take on the grands so I could get dinner on the table. We tag teamed the buggers until DD let us know she was settled in.
Once the Dr's. had a game plan for our baby girl DD#3's hubby picked up the kiddo's for the night.

Tater Tot (Blake) has yet to have a sleepover with us which is very unusual where the grands are concerned. He is 100% a Mommy's boy, while he enjoys his time with us after a few hours he begins going to the front door waving Bye-Bye. It's his way of letting us know he has had enough, Mommy needs to be coming home!!

After a night of no sleep for Mommy while she had blood transfusions she was released today with antibiotics for the pneumonia along with orders to follow up with our family Dr. next week.

Nothing like a little family medical emergency to get your heart pumping...hubby and I had a nice long afternoon nap today. This evening Kara is having a sleepover with us. Mommy and Daddy need to catch up on their own rest, not easy to do with two rug rats. We are feeling blessed tonight taking the wild child off their hands.


  1. Prayers for a quick recovery for your daughter!

  2. Hope all will be well for your daughter. Janie