Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baking is done

Wow two posts in one day, that won't be happening very often. Thought I better post my baking photo's now before I run out of time before Christmas, only 5 more days until Christmas!!! Yepee, today I will work on getting all the other snacks made and in the freezer so I can kick back and enjoy some quiet nights watching Christmas movies with our favorite cookies and tea.

Tyler and I started our baking and candy making a few weeks back, I am so lucky to have extra room in the garage refrigerate to store cookies, our regular freezer and inside refrigerator are full to overflowing so this is a nice treat for me. I make lots and lots of our family favorites of cookies and candy then store them in the freezer so when one of us needs a quick desert tray to take to a party we are all set, of course all the girls need to do is give me a call so they can pick up their to go order, lucky girls!
Are to taking lots of pictures of the little things you and your family do for the holiday's? Get your camera out right now and take a few shots, you will be happy you did in a few years!

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