Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Christmas

Bob bought me this little jewel a few years ago to put on our mantel, so cute and its great fun adding a new ornament each time we are blessed to have a new family member!! This year we added Nathan our new Son in Law and we already know we get to add one in 2010 for our newest Grandbaby, can't wait to see what we will get, Tyler needs a cousin.

Cute story this morning, Bob and I are getting to old to drag all the gifts down from the attic on Christmas Eve so this year we decided to hide them under the tables that we have our Christmas village on, of course we ran out of room so the spillover is in the Harley trailer. Tyler and AJ were running around the house being silly this morning when Tyler yells out "Nanny I found the North Pole", They were both under the table cloths having a heyday!! Had to think fast to distract him so I grabbed a few stamps and we worked on crafts as he calls it! This little guy keeps us on our toes and has us laughing all day. Grandbabies are the best!!!

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