Sunday, December 20, 2009

The stocking are hung

32 years ago my sister Sherry made our oldest daughter the most beautiful hand made stocking with tons of sequins and bead work, it is still just a lovely today as it was way back then. I thought what the heck I will make one for Bob and I and as each of our Daughters came along I would make one for them. As the girls are beginning families of their own I make a stocking for our new Son-In-Law and of course Grandbabies. Man they take forever to finish and it has become so hard to see all the little beads and sequins these days, but we are blessed that are family is continuing to grow so I won't fuss any more but I need to remember to get started on the new stocking for next year as soon as Kelli and Nathan find out what the baby will be.

Our Niece Kym and her children are up from Birmingham for a visit so we went out last night with the kids to burn off a little energy, they are all so excited over Christmas this year and bouncing off the walls!! They had so much fun on the sleigh ride, they were screaming at the top of their lungs Merry Christmas to everyone they saw.

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