Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's begining to look like Christmas

I have been busy as all get out since Thanksgiving trying to get the house decorated for Christmas, baking, shopping, Christmas cards finished and in the mail and of course working my CTMH business so I haven't blogged like I should.

Finally took the time this morning to download pictures from the past 2 weeks and I promise to pay more attention to my blog!!I can't post much from the projects I have been doing right now as they are Christmas gifts that haven't been given yet, I will do my best to put a few layouts and lots of Christmas cheer on my blog.

To start with think about after the holidays and your scrapbooks, we have a Christmas scrapbook I made for my husband a few years back that I add to each year. I took me a full year to get that scrapbook done!! No kidding and I did work on it pretty regularly. I had over 50 years of old photo's to get in it, I wanted mine and Bobs Christmas photo's as children as well as all of our own Christmas photo's since we started our own family. It was a huge job and SOOOOO worth it. One of the coolest things I found while working on our family Christmas album was the connection and traditions that we have with our past, I realized I didn't have current photo's of the many things we use to decorate our home for the holidays that have been handed down to us, so I put those layout ideas to the side until I could get the photo's once the house was decorated for the holiday's.

For the next few days I will post a few photo's of our holiday decorations in hopes that it will inspire you to document your own traditions, decorations, recipes and everything that makes your family want to be home for the holidays. After Christmas make building your own Family Christmas scrapbook a reality, you will have all year to do it and give it as a gift to your own family and the generations to come.
This tree is in my kitchen, I spend so much time in the kitchen during the holidays I figure I should have a tree of my own!! The tree is decorated with Hallmark ornaments we have collected for the past 27 years, When our girls were little they loved doll houses, Hallmark had a first in the series house ornament 27 years ago I pick up so the girls would have a Christmas house they could play with, now that they are all grown up the houses are mine for my kitchen tree

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