Friday, December 18, 2009

Last of the Christmas tree's

Last but not least here is our family room Christmas tree, in case you lost count that is a total of 9 trees! At least I hope I posted all of them, I will have to go back and check when I can catch my breath. This tree is our only live tree in the house but that's OK with me, less needles to clean up after the holiday's!!
We put all of our family favorites on this tree that we have accumulated over the years and also ornaments our girls made in school, our baby is 26 so that tells you how old some of them are, one of my all time favorites is the pinto bean gingerbread man shown here, is that a cute idea or what! and so fitting for a good old southern family, don't you just love that teachers take the time and money to put into our children so we can look back and reflect when they were just little ones. A huge thanks for all the teachers out there who give so much of themselves to our children.
The tree skirt posted here I bought our first Christmas 34 years ago, each Christmas I would work on finishing it thinking this is the year I will have the time, the nativity scene wraps around the entire skirt but I am to lazy to get under the tree and spread it but you get the jest of what it looks like. I think it took me 10 years or longer to get all the embroidery and bead work done but I still put it out even when it wasn't finished.
Keep following along I have plenty more Christmas cheer to take us right on up to Christmas day, I hope this is inspiring you to take photo's of the little things that make Christmas special for your own families, the tradition and memories you document now will be so precious to your family now and for generations to come

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